This summer’s transfer window is drawing to a close but the “will he won’t he” saga with Cesc Fabregas doesn’t seem as if it is going to cool down anytime soon, and if he doesn’t sign for Barcelona this summer, the transfer talk will only reignite again in January.

Any Arsenal fan can understand his decision. He wants to go back to the team he supported as a child, to join up with players he started his football career with such as Messi and Busquets, to work under his footballing idol Pep Guardiola and play in possibly the best total football team in the world.

His love for Arsenal football club is for all to see, he loves the club, he loves being the captain, and you can see from last season from the readiness to get back into the first team after injury so much so that he reinjured himself. It’s fair to say this isn’t an easy situation and honestly, a situation Arsène Wenger always knew was going to happen especially as Fabregas has fulfilled the potential Arsène Wenger and Barcelona had seen in him. Maybe it has happened a season or two before he would have liked, but lets be honest this started over a year and a half ago and just like the transfer saga with Thierry Henry, he has stayed another season to help Arsenal try and win something but hasn’t. No manager wants to sell his best players, but if the player wants to leave most won’t stand in their way, as your never going to get the best out of them.

But the transfer of Fabregas is certain, the when and for how much is up for debate, but for as long and drawn out as it is, it works in Arsène wenger’s favour giving him time to look for replacements.

It is a shame that Aaron Ramsey is injured as I am sure if that injury hadn’t have happened and he had got to finish last season then Wenger would be relying on Ramsey to step up to the plate and fill the shoes of Fabregas along some help of the other youth players at Arsenal, such as Wilshire, Barazite, Randall or Lansbury, three of which were on successful loan spells last season. Arsène Wenger may put faith into Jack Wilshire as Ramsey is injured but wouldn’t want to have to rely on a player so young for a whole season. But I would guess he would be getting some playing time in the Premiership this season, and be a main stay in the Carling Cup and depending on the draws, the early rounds of the FA Cup too.

But being so young I doubt Wenger would be reliant on Wilshire so the question is who would be the player that would replace Cesc Fabregas. There are a few players that would fit that mould, but would the price fit too.

There is Yoann Gourcuff, but after losing Marouane Chamakh to Arsenal for free, chances are if Bordeaux were going to sell him to Arsenal they may well raise the price, but after a poor world cup, which most of the French team had, the valuation may not be a true representation and Wenger isn’t the type to buy a player he feels is over priced. And that may well be the issue there.

Mikel Arteta is another player that has been touted as a replacement for Cesc and at 28 is an experienced footballer who also has been in the premiership for 5 years now and who is well suited to it. But at 28 is that too old for Arsène Wenger. I would think that Arsène would look to a player around that age, as in a few years he would like to have the likes of Wilshire and Ramsey as first team regulars and on the way to being stars to that of Fabregas’ level.

But if that isn’t the case and he is looking for a player that can still grow into the team and his own abilities then there is also Keisuke Honda who hasn’t only had a great world cup but also had a very good first season in a difficult Russian premier league with CSKA Moscow after signing for them from Dutch side VVV Venlo. Honda has great vision able to see a pass and a good mind to pick the right one. And also as seen in the world cup a good free kick. Honda may not want to leave CSKA after just signing last year for them, but the club may well cash in on him. Wenger said of him during the World Cup “When they get the ball they can give it to Honda and the magic starts.” As well as saying “When they get that genius Honda playing up front, he had shown what a top class player he is. For me he’s the best performer of the competition so far” It is rare for Wenger to heap such praise on a player that isn’t his, or who he isn’t interested in signing.

Out of those I would say that if the opportunity arose to sign one then Gourcuff is probably the most talented and probably would work well with Nasri and of course link very well with Chamakh having played with him for a few seasons at Bordeaux. But Honda would fit the bill just as well. But with all that said, there is a good chance that Wenger will sign a player not many have heard of like he has with Laurent Koscielny who only two seasons ago was playing on the French 2nd Division.

But arsenal fans are anxious in regards to the transfer of Fabregas as they collectively know that Fabregas is the last credible world class player they have. Arshavin not having the best season last year and Robin Van Perise seemingly more injured than not, neither can be put into that world class status. When Vieira went there was Henry. And Fabregas grew into the midfield maestro he is now. When Henry went Fabregas was left and he shone. With Fabregas gone, who would be left? If he goes this season and if Van Perise can stay fit then it could well be his time to shine. But Cesc Fabregas will leave for Barcelona that’s for certain, but if it doesn’t happen this season then it defiantly be next. But one thing is for sure and that is Arsène Wenger will only sell him when he feels he has made the right decision on what to do next. But a life without Cesc won’t be the worst thing, but Arsenal will definitely be a much lesser team without him.


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