Edgar Davids: Guest Pundit At World Cup

Edgar Davids has signed for Crystal Palace on a play and pay contract and it is clear that Davids hasn’t signed for the money but for the challenge. Davids retired from Ajax two years ago ending his career back at Ajax where it all started for him, but since he has retired he hasn’t stepped away from football at all. This summer he was a pundit during the World Cup in South Africa and also did a tour around Europe and Africa with his Street Soccer Legends. Watching them can give crystal palace fans something to get excited about. If he can add any of that skill into a game it defiantly won’t hurt. But it’s clear to see that Edgar Davids just loves football and is excited about playing again

“Let’s just have fun. I’ll give it my all and see where it leads to. I can play left-back, I can play in midfield or on the left or right wings. I’ll play where the team needs me. It is an exciting time for the football club, and it is an exciting time for me. I just want to enjoy football and show the best I can do.”

Edgar Davids has played for the elite clubs in Europe and has won the champions league as well as many other titles and crystal palace fans can expect him to debut against Ipswich Town.

Enjoy watching all 13 episodes, Trust me when you watch one you will want to watch the next.


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