Mascherano In Action

Reports from Sky Sports say that Barcelona have bid £12million for Javier Mascherano. This is going to worry all Liverpool fans especially as Mascherano is not in the squad to face Manchester City this evening. Nothing is officially confirmed, so no word on if any bid has been accepted or if any player is involved in the transfer to go the other way either but Liverpool fans will be unhappy at the £12milliom bid for the rugged defensive midfielder and If that is indeed that fee for the transfer it will defiantly been seen  as a coup when you compare the transfer of Yaya Toure to Manchester City for 24million. The Anfield faithfully can understand that he wants to leave, and can understand the lure of Barcelona but will be undoubtably unhappy at the fee. £12million in modern day football is not a lot of money. Liverpool fans would be looking at £20million plus and for a player of his quality that is understandable so we will all have to wait and see.

UPDATE: Apartantly Mascherano is not at the ground and has said that he does not want to play for them. Watch this space…


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