The Super Cup is Rafa Bentiez’s first real test as Inter Milan manager and they lost. so may say that if Jose Mourinho was in charge they would have won and maybe they would have, and that is something Benitez is going to have to deal with as he is going to be continually judged against Mourinho and what he achieved. Benitez may be able to win a title with the squad at inter but is he going to be able to match what Mourinho has done? looking at his record if i were an inter fan I wouldn’t be placing any bets any time soon.

Inter went a goal down on the 62nd minute with a goal from Jose Antonio Reyes who was a constant threat all game. He got past Maicon  and beat Julio Cesar at the near post with a hard low shot. Reyes has started to turn into the player everyone hoped when he was at arsenal 5 years ago and is just coming into his prime at 27. but on the 83rd minute the second goal came and it is the one that is really going to have Internazionale fans worried as Simao brilliantly went past his man and put in a ball across goal where Aguero had the easiest tap in and didn’t even have Cesar moving. inter who have been solid defensively for many years looked far from solid with that goal. Inter had a chance to get back in the game when they won a penalty but Diego Milito was unable to convert it thanks to a great save by the young Athletico Madrid goalkeeper De Gea.

So with Inter losing the game 2-0 was it Athelitco that were the better team, was it the players were more motivated to win, was it that the inter players just didn’t play that well or was it that Benitez couldn’t get out of them what another manager could. That will be told at the end of the season and this is just the very beginning but it doesn’t bode well when just after a few days of Inter Milan players claiming all the UEFA player awards, as Julio Cesar won goalkeeper of the year, Maicon won defender of the year, Wesley Sneijder won midfielder of the year and Diego Milito won forward of the year and Sneijder has a poor game, Maicon has a poor game, Milito misses a penalty and is continually caught offside and the only saving grace to some degree is the goalkeeper who got beaten at his near post and was motionless to the second goal. Inter fans will be hoping to a better performance at the beginning of the Serie A campaign.


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