It seems things between Rafa Benitez and Liverpool Football Club may never be resolved with new bad blood between the two, and with the way Rafa Benitez is acting it may well turn the friends he did have at the club and the liverpool faithful against him.

Roy Hodgson had said that their had been an agreement for Benitez not to sign any of his former players from liverpool but with the rumours of Mascherano and Dirk Kuyt being chased by Inter Milan it would seem that there is a breach in the agreement.

Benitez disagrees with this and seems to want to use a loop-hole in this situation by saying “I will not talk about this because I am the coach” adding “The coach cannot sign any players. It has to be the technical director and the chairman. The club can do it. I am the coach, not the manager.”

As true as that may be it does seem that Benitez is hiding being the club to try and distance himself from the situation. it is quiet an unscrupulous way to go about things and is not all that honourable, as it would seem pointless to sign an agreement to say that you wont sign any players from your former club knowing you are going only as a head coach. especially when he left Liverpool because of a lack of control in the transfer market. strange that now  he is happy only to be a coach and not have more control at the club

But liverpool fans will see through this as before Benitez arrival at Inter there was no transfer talk of Kuyt joining the Milan club, there may have been interest in Mascherano but with the recent interest in Kuyt it would seem it comes from Benitez and not the club.


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