England played well as they won their opening game in the qualifications for the European championships as they beat Bulgaria 4-0 with Defoe getting a well deserved Hat-trick and man of the match. But the evening didn’t end well for him as he went of injured as he turned over his ankle but it doesn’t that he will miss Tuesday’s game against switzerland. Promising Adam Johnson got the other goal with a seemingly trademark strike.

England started brightly as they got an early goal from Defoe. They kept the ball well but Bulgaria had opposites but they were not taken, and near the end of the half england were again threatening to score a second but were unable. The second half started off as bright as the first. Defoe and Rooney are forging a good partnership that if it can carry on through the qualifications looks to be very promising. Rooney set up all three goals for Defoe, and i n the post match interview Defoe said how that he is enjoying his partnership with Rooney and in the post match interview when asked about it he said “obviously when you are playing with a partner it takes a little bit of time to gel, but he is a great player, technical gifted, and if i make the runs and if im know in then he’ll do like he did tonight” and when asked if Rooney is happy when he is scoring he added ” when i got the second he said just keep it going and you get the third and its aways nice when you play with a player like that”

Joe Hart had a good game and seem to have solidified his place as the new england number 1 as he seems to project and calm and confidence onto the defence. Maybe with a new NUmber 1 England can look to have a new defensive pairing as Ferdinand and Terry aren’t getting any younger as also havent been performing for england as well as the past. Gerrard was quiet for his standard but still did the job that was needed and he and Barry seemed to link up well and looks to be a more productive partnership than Lampard and Barry in leaving Gerrard on the left where Milner was playing tonight. it does seem playing in the same position as you do for you club works as Milner put in the same standard of performance tonight for england as he has done for Aston Villa and Manchester City. Walcott had an ok game cutting in but his final delivery still just wasnt there. unfortunately for Dawson he seemed to twist his knee as he came down for the tackle and looks like it is going to be a long injury which is not something Tottenham fans wanted to see with Woodgate out and king not able to play every game. Cahill was his replacement and you didn’t notice him which is a real credit as you only notice defenders when they make mistakes or score a goal, but Cahill wasnt able to do the latter. Adam Johnson came on for Walcott and was as impressive tonight as he was against Liverpool. He looks to have a bright future for england and i personally hope that he becomes the regular right-winger as when he cuts in on his left foot he is dangerous, able to bring players in , let glen Johnson overlap or crack off a shot which he did tonight and first time wasnt able to keep it on target but after a second crack at the whip he managed to get his first goal for england.

England’s next game is on Tuesday against switzerland and hopefully Defoe and Rooney can continue to forge their partnership with more goals and i personally would like to see Adam Johnson start the game to see how he gets on for a full 90 minutes. It will be interesting to see if Capello goes with Cahill and Jagielka or if he has something else in mind.

Goals: Defoe 3, 61, 86; Johnson 83

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