Starting line up for England in tonight’s European Qualifier against Switzerland is;


G. Johnson  Jagielka  Lescott  Cole

Walcott  Gerrard  Barry  Milner

Rooney  Defoe

Lescott is chosen to partner Jagielka in defense, a partnership that work well when Lescott played for Everton. Walcott has been given another chance on the right-wing as Adam Johnson is on the bench again, but if he has another bright performance it may pout him ahead of Walcott in the future.

The partnership of Defoe upfront with Rooney dropping deeper seem as if it is going to be put to work tonight and hopefully will continue to produce goals. Rooney will hopefully be able to end his near year-long goal drought tonight, but if he doesn’t lets just hope he can assist Defoe to another hat trick.


One thought on “England Line-Up For Switzerland Game

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