Walcott today was told that he is going to be out for at least six weeks with his ankle injury and that is not the news Arsene Wenger needed to hear with only last week having the news that Van Persie is going to be out for the same length of time with a similar injury. Arsenal were hoping that Van Persie would have an injury free season as he has yet been able to have a full fully fit season since he joined back in 2004 and has only made 199 appearances in all competitions compared to Bendtner who has managed in three seasons to make 121 appearances for Arsenal. Theo Walcott has had a bright start to this season and an injury is not what was wanted by him, the club or the fans as no one more than the fans want to see him progress and become the great player everyone hopes he can, but this injury is definitely a huge set back as the momentum he had from ever previous game was being put into the next.

Over at rivals Tottenham injury problems are also rife. with Defoe also having ankle problems and Michael Dawson having ligament damage and is going to be out for two months. but also apparently has an ankle injury also. and Jermaine Defoe is going to be having scans on his ankle also, so he could well be out for six weeks as well.

with three of the injuries occurring on international duty it is understandable when club managers don’t want their best players joining up with the national team for friendlies but qualifiers during the season.


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