Capello has announced that he is going to leave the England managerial job at the end of Euro 2012 and already the talk of who is going to succeed him has begun. The bookies favourite is Harry Redknapp who has been talked about taking the England job for a while now, so it is no surprise that he is the bookies favourite.

But who else is there that could be in the running. Roy Hodgson after a succesful spell at Fulham managed to get the Liverpool job, and if he again manages to do well there, in a few years he could well be front runner for the job.

If Liverpool can attain a top four finish and if not better, win A league or a European Cup or two, and if Harry Redknapp with Tottenham continues to progress and again finishes in the top four then i can not see another English manager that could be in contention. Sir Alex Ferguson or Arsene Wenger are never going top be offered or want to take the position. Carlo Ancelotti or Roberto Mancini may be thought of but at the moment there seems to be a desire for an Englishman in charge of the National team. I think its fair to say that no matter how succesful Steve McClaren is it would be a long shot to think he would be asked to try again after how poorly things went before. So other than Harry Redknapp and Roy Hodgson who else is there to consider.

There is Sam Allardyce who is currently in charge at Blackburn and is doing an ok job with the funds he has available, and apart from his short and unsuccessful time at Newcastle, which he can’t really be blamed for as it seemed doomed from the start, he has did a good job at Bolton. But with a past with a heart problem they may not want to put that much stress on a  manager.

There is Former Blackburn, Manchester City and Wales manager Mark Hughes, who has International experience and did a good job at both Blackburn Rovers and Manchester City.So depending on how well he does at Fulham he may be in the running in a few years time, And like a lot of former Manchester United players Hughes seems to have learned a thing or two from his time being managed by Sir Alex Ferguson.

And speaking of former Manchester United players that have become mangers this is also, no ,not Roy Keane, Steve Bruce. Bruce did a good job at Birmingham City and now at Sunderland is continuing to be succesful. He seems to be able to get out of players what some managers don’t. He has manages to get the best out of Bent where Redknapp couldn’t, But in saying that one of the praises I can give Redknapp is also how well he can motivate players, so that is an interesting situation.

Other than those few I don’t see who else that is British that would be in contention. There are many Scottish managers in the League, but I do not see any of them being offered or wanting to take the post either.

At an international level you need to be able to get the best out of the players that you have available as you are not able to buy in new players. But any England manager is lucky to be able to choose from a broad selection of players. Maybe not as lucky as Brazil, but luckier than many other countries in the world. But it doesn’t just come down to motivation but you also must be a good tactician. Because if things aren’t going well you need to be able to change things, But ideally with the time to prepare for matches you should never be in a position where you have to think quickly on your feet unless a player is sent off or an injury occurs.

For me I would like to see Harry Redknapp get the job. I feel that not only does he deserve it, but also he would be able to get the best out the players and would produce a succesful England team that could challenge for a European or World Cup.

His track record speaks for its self. He may not have won a European trophy but look at the achievements he has made with the clubs he has been at. At West Ham where he didn’t always have money, but was lucky to have a good youth system and helped birth Rio Ferdinand, Frank Lampard and Joe Cole. He was able to control and get the best out of difficult players like Kanoute and more notably Paolo Di Canio.

West Ham achieved their highest Premiership position with him at the helm reaching 5th in the league and managed to get them into europe through the Intertoto Cup. But he left West Ham not due to results but because of him mouth. Something that may have calmed as the years have progressed.

At Portsmouth he won promotion back to the premiership and during his second spell at the club won the FA Cup, with a team that he had amassed with free transfers and bargain buys. He rejuvenated the careers of players especially David James who with his consistent performances for Portsmouth got him back into the National Team. Now at Tottenham Harry has managed to get Tottenham into the Champions League. a feat that a few years ago didn’t seem possible, not to anyone that isn’t a Spurs fan anyway.

Through his career he has managed to get the best out of what is available, and that is one of the most important qualities in my opinion that the England manager would need. Because if you have the best players but they are not motivated or they are unable to match the performances they put in for their club for their country, then no amount of tactics are going to win anything, but performances are.


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