Arsene Wenger and his back staff may have known about him for years, and so may die hard Arsenal fans that track the youth products coming through, but the everyday Premiership follower is only getting to see what Jack Wilshire is all about now.

Arsenal have always had a good youth system, but over the Wenger years more players have blossomed. With so many high quality players coming through there has been an expectancy not just from Arsenal fans but football fans in general when term “hot prospect” is used at Arsenal. Cesc Fabregas is probably the poster child for the youth product at Arsenal , but that is shared with Barcelona, where as Jack Wilshire is an Arsenal product through and through and with that Arsenal can take full pride. For the position played by both Wilshire and Fabregas the comparison is there to be made. Wilshire has gone out on loan, where as Fabregas didn’t. Fabregas made more performances in the Carling Cup and at aged 18, Cesc was establishing himself into the first team. He was much more a central midfielder showing off his passing ability and creativity, where as Jack, who also has great creativity, is more of a dribbler of the ball. Cesc now may dribble past people, but that has come on in his game as he has matured.

The same question is posed with Wilshire as it was on Fabregas, Is he the real deal? Fabregas has become the maestro of the Arsenal midfield and gone on to become club Captain. He has done so with consistent performances on the pitch and has come to the rescue when no one else seemed able. Jack Wilshire has the talent but only time can tell if he will become the next football superstar, and with the experience he is getting now, and if Fabregas leaves next summer, there could be the opportunity to step up and fill that playing gap and continue to flourish like Fabregas did when Patrick Vieria left Arsenal.


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