In the wake of Rooney’s agent telling Manchester united he doesn’t want to sign a new contract, leaving sir Alex Ferguson to answer the press’ questions with a mixture of a ready made statement and honest felt views, the big question is where next for Rooney. All the big clubs will be interested, but there aren’t many bigger clubs than United only really leaving Real Madrid, Barcelona, AC Milan and Inter Milan. Mourinho in the past has said how he would like to work with Rooney, and now managing Real Madrid with Cristiano Ronaldo there to reunite with, personally I believe this is the best place for him in terms of football, but he doesn’t seem happy in life and that could follow him where ever he goes.

Sir Alex Ferguson in the press conference said “I was dumbfounded, I couldn’t understand it at all because only months before he’d said he was at the biggest club in the world and he wanted to stay for life. We just don’t know what’s changed the boy’s mind. David was shocked, I was shocked.” But he isn’t the first Scot to be left hurt by Rooney as when united signed him from Everton, financially the deal may have been sound, but with the readiness Rooney went it was clear to see the disappointment in Moyes’ face and that was also clear on Ferguson face the other evening. As he said the club have done all they can for him on and off the pitch, more than many other clubs have done for their best players. And when he left everyone moves had similar things to say. So would the grass be greener in Spain or Italy or will he do the unthinkable and join another English club. The only English club with the money to pursue him would be Manchester city as Abramovich seems to want to be more careful with his money. And though the saying in football for the worlds best players is “any team would have him in their team” there does need to be balance something which Chelsea seem to have so I honestly don’t believe they need him where at Manchester City where they are still finding their feet in their new expensive shoes could use him and reunite Tevez and Rooney. The uproar would be interesting to see as it’s not like this never happens. Rooney at Barcelona is not something I could envision nor at Inter or Milan, for me in terms of football Real Madrid with Jose in charge is the perfect match, but if Jose left, depending in who came in, the house that Jose built could all fall apart and after that where would Rooney go from there. Where ever he decides to go has to be Rooney’s last club or he is possibly going to become another Nicolas Anelka where he wanders from club to club while his career stumbles. Anelka may be happy now at Chelsea and is now settled, but that settling seemed to stem from his time at Bolton. But before that he spent his time at Manchester City, Liverpool, Paris St. Germain and Fenerbache.

One thing is clear and that is Rooney doesn’t seem to know his own mind at the moment and at 24 he has many years left in football and has to choose carefully what he does next.


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