Only a few days ago Rooney announced his intention to leave and it looked like Sir Alex Ferguson was telling the world he was ready to listen to offers. But Manchester United announced he had signed a 5 year contract and the sun have reported that it is a whopping 250k a week. It was reported that the Glazers personally phoned Rooney saying that they have the financial backing and that there was to be £50 million there for Sir Alex to spend in the transfer market as well as any money raised from sales. And if the reported 250k is true, it would seem to be the Glazers showing their intent. So it seems Rooney and his agent have won the hand in their poker game with the Glazers and have won big. How much involvement Ferguson had with the deal is unknown but if those wages turn out to be true, with how the financial climate is in the country and the debt the Glazers have at United it would be amazing to think Sir Alex Ferguson would have agreed on that for just one player. Call me cynical but I can’t help but feel that they have tied him down to a contract so that he can’t run out the old one or leave for a minimal fee, and could well have a minimum fee attached to it.


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