So with Real Madrid leading 1-0 away in the 1st leg semi final of the Copa del Rey and half time fast approaching, Sevilla’s Luis Fabiano broke free, rounded Casillas and got a shot away. Albiol did brilliantly to get something on it and then pushed the ball away with both feet. But did it go in! Luis Fabiano and Sevilla thought yes, Real Madrid and the Assistant Refree thought no. So watch and take your view, was that in or not? did the whole of the ball cross the line?

From one view it looks like it does, in another,  it looks like it doesn’t. The Assistant Referee only had a split second to make the call, And when i have watched numerous replays and still can’t say for certain if it did or didn’t, i cant lay blame with the Assistant Referee.

And that is what troubles me, if watching a clip over and over again can still have people split on whether it was a goal or not, raises the question of whether goal line technology like watching a replay would be more effective. What if the Referee had watched it and deemed it didn’t cross the line. There would still be bedlam. For me personally as much as it would stop some injustices that do occur, i feel that the game would lose some of its soul. people like to argue and discuss these things, people tp this day talk about the 1966 world cup and whether it did or didn’t, if that had of not been given because of a video replay, that game wouldn’t be spoke about as much or in the same way. Controversy is part of the game, it goes hand in hand with talking about beautiful football and great individual skill.

Ultimately I am split on the issue, because I have seen results go against the team I support, but also they have worked themselves out in other games, but I enjoy the controversy, and I believe most football fans do, when it’s not their team involved anyway.

But lets take a poll?


Agree or disagree? Have your say!

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