It looks like Johann Djourou is going to be out with a knee injury for most, if not the rest of the season, and with Vermaelen not ready yet and a return date the beginning of March, this is just what Wenger was hoping wouldn’t happen. The gamble on players to stay fit is something that normally goes against Wenger, and every time he takes that chance he must be thinking, “it can’t go against me this time!”But he never seems to get that luck. Arsenal currently have a long list of injuries with Fabianski, Nasri and Alex Song injured along with Vermaelen as well as now Djourou, Wenger’s decision not to buy in January seems to have gone against him, with fans of Arsenal as well as anyone one that pays attention to football all saying that Wenger should buy in a defender, the fact that he hasn’t is mind boggling. There were rumours of Christopher Samba, who was maybe looking to leave Blackburn, coming to Arsenal, but Wenger decided not to make a move, which resulted in Samba signing a new contract. Samba probably is just what Arsenal needed not to just help for a push on the League this season, but have something to build on, as at 26 he is still young, and can still improve. He key attribute is probably Arsenals biggest weakness and that is areal ability. not just defensively but on the attack Samba is a beast. Big and strong, he causes defenses problems and would have helped out at corner and free kicks for Arsenal when defending.

I can understand where Wenger was coming from with the form of Djourou, and koscielny Vermaelen coming back soon, and having brought in Squillaci he may well have though he doesn’t need another defender. But honestly Squillaci has not fitted in as well to the premiership as some may have hoped, and with Djourou now injured and Vermaelen still not ready, hindsight come s into play again. And if Wenger knew that Djourou was going to get inured he probably would have signed somebody if he chose not to sign Samba.

This could well now affect Arsenals chances of challenging for the Premiership, but you never can write Arsenal off as for the past couple seasons, every pundit at the beginning of the season have said how Arsenal will struggle and will be lucky for 4th spot, and have had to change their tune half way through the season. so we will just have to wait and see what happens.

But regardless, Arsenal fans will be saying, “Why didn’t we buy anyone in January” with genuine dismay.


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