Tottenham have done one better than drawing in the San Siro this time, beating AC Milan 1-0, giving them a vital away goal over the Milanese club. Lennon and Crouch from the outset gave Milan trouble time and time again. Crouch and Gattuso the whole game had their own private battle, as did Gattuso and  Joe Jordan. Lennon and Pienaar both did brilliantly tracking back, while Sandro and Palacios battled in midfield. Corluka and Lennon, and Assou-Ekotto and Pienaar both linked up well on attack and kept feeding in balls for Crouch to either bring down for himself or Van der Vaart, or to have a head at goal, and for the early part of the half, it seemed like Tottenham were going to have the first goal.

Seeing his side not doing so well Allegri decided to make a change with Pato on for Seedorf and it seemed to have worked as Tottenham saw much less of the ball than they did in the first half. Flamini caused Gomes to make a great fingertip save from a header. Not long after that Flamini should have been over for his two footed tackle sliding tackle on Corluka who then went off. With Corluka coming off, Woodgate came on, which was good see to him coming back after his injury problems. That didn’t disrupt Tottenham’s defending which was perfect all night. Mario Yepes look destined to score when his header from Pato’s corner was heading for the corner but Gomes had other ideas as he resembled stretch Armstrong as he reached to save it. Gattuso did receive a yellow card, which was a long time coming that sees him missing the next match, and he showed his frustration as he punched the ground, which may now be bruised and not see grass grow because of it! Tottenham’s goal came on the 80th minute when Sandro intercepted a pass and gave it to Modric who quickly passed it on to to Lennon and then he was off, with ground in front of him, he is his most dangerous. He speed past one and then went round and over the stretching Yepes and squared it off to Crouch who put it away. An incisive breakaway, one similar to Arsenal’s against Liverpool in the Champion’s League a few years ago. Milan didn’t give up and did their best to get an equalizer and at the death almost did. Pato got a shot scrappy shot away but Dawson through himself at it and conceded a corner. From that resulting corner Milan put the ball in the back of the net when Ibrahimovich semi bicycled it in, and went off celebrating, but that was shorted lived as a foul was given for Ibrahimovich pushing Dawson to gain the advantage to score. Milan’s time had run out after that and the final whistle came, but the fireworks were not over yet. Gattuso walked up and shook hands with Redknapp in a respectful manner, even smiling, but walked right up to Joe Jordan, coming head to head and headbutting him in the face. Gattuso and Jordan had a spat before hand pushing Joe Jordan in the face. How he didn’t receive a booking for that in the game was surprising, but if Uefa or Fifa don’t do something about that then it just makes a mockery of the rules.

A great night for Tottenham in Milan,  a great victory for the club and the fans and a real showing of what they are made of and that they are more than worth their place in the greatest knockout competion in the world.


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