In the post match Interview on Sky Sports Robin van Persie obviously still feel aggrieved didnt hold back his feeling and thoughts on the referee of tonight’s game Massimo Busacca

Here’s what he had to say

“I think it had a big influence,”

“In my opinion it was a total joke the sending off because how can I hear his whistle with 95,000 people jumping up, how can I hear that?”

“It makes it even worse,” he continued.

“I could understand the referee’s decision if there was four, five, six seconds in between and you make a chip or something, but one second from his whistle to my shot is a joke.

“But he’s been bad all evening, he’s been a joke all evening, whistling against us, I don’t know why he’s here tonight, I think he’s a joke.”

“I did explain there were 95,000 people jumping up so how could I hear his whistle,”

“But he said second yellow, unbelievable these people.

“We feel betrayed a bit because everyone fought really hard, when it was 1-1 it was all to play for and our opinion that ref killed the game.“

Will this have Uefa or Fifa have any action towards Robin van Persie for his out burst? time will tell, but I would guess they will.


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