Robin van Persie unable to appeal 1 match ban

It seems that Robin van Persie will not be able to appeal the red card he received against Barcelona on Tuesday evening. He received to yellow cards, one which was valid and another which was a extremely poor decision in which the player would have only had one second to respond to the whistle blown by the referee. A Uefa spokesman said that “Under Article 44.4 of Uefa’s disciplinary regulations, appeals are only allowed against cautions on the grounds of mistaken identity.”

Uefa did also confirm that referee Busacca’s performance will be evaluated, but went on to say that referees are always evaluated, trying to play down his performance is being evaluated for any particular reason. “Referees are always evaluated,”  “There is a referee observer who evaluates their performance. “These are taken into account internally in terms of appointments but we never make that public.”

Arsene Wenger and Samir Nasri to be charged.

From Uefa.com “UEFA has opened disciplinary proceedings against Arsenal FC coach Arsène Wenger and the English club’s midfielder Samir Nasri following last night’s UEFA Champions League round of 16 second leg against FC Barcelona in Spain. Both are to face charges of improper conduct, and their cases will be heard by the UEFA Control and Disciplinary Body on Thursday 17 March.”

Arsene Wenger made comments after the game about the referees decision to send off Robin van Persie but also his performance in general. Wenger also spoke to the referee in the tunnel after the match as did Samir Nasri.

Here are the comments Arsene Wenger made to the press after the game

“How can you kill a football game like that?”

“Two kinds of people can be unhappy. Those who love Arsenal and those who love football. It is very difficult to understand his attitude.”

“Anyone who has played football at a certain level, you can’t understand how this decision can be taken at this level. It is impossible. It ruined a promising and fantastic football match. What for? If it is for a bad tackle, fair enough.”

“Frankly, it is embarrassing if you love the game. I just spoke to Uefa people and they are shocked as well. If you are neutral you will never understand a decision like that.”

“We lost against a very good Barcelona side. Congratulations to them and good luck to them in the future. We have many regrets tonight because we didn’t like to lose the game like that.”

“When you have played football at that level in a game of that importance, with people shouting, even if he takes his chance I don’t see a reason. The referee must have absolutely never played football at all to do that,”

“I told him what I think about his decision face-to-face and I think there is not a lot more to say about that.”


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