When it comes to opinion’s everybody has one, but when it comes to fact, there is only one. Fans like to talk about their team with rose tinted glasses, and at nearly every ground you can hear the song, were by far the greatest team the world have ever seen. For a few that song is very true, but for many it is a dream. Fans also like to talk about the way they play the game, they way it should be played, but that a club doesn’t win trophies for the style their team plays, they win trophies for how they have been over a course of time compared to the rest of the teams competeting. Trophies mean a lot, they give reward at the end of the season to the team that has done the best overall. You can look at Mourinho’s Chelsea team that one the Premiership Title they didn’t get the plaudits for their style of football, but did win the title back to back. There is the UEFA Champions League, Copa Libertadore, CAF Champions League, AFC Champions League, CONCACAF Champions League and World Club Championship.

But there is an organization recognized by FIFA that chronicles the history and records of Association football called International Federation of Football History & Statistics (IFFHS).

They put the best football teams into rank. The ranking takes into consideration the results of twelve months of continental and intercontinental competitions, national league matches (including play-offs) and the most important national cup (excluding points won before the round of 16).

All countries are rated at four levels based upon the national league performance—clubs in the highest level leagues receive 4 points for each match won, 2 for a draw and 0 for a defeat. Level 2 is assigned 3 pts. (win), 1.5 (draw) and 0 (lost), and so on with the next lower levels.

In continental competitions, all clubs receive the same number of points at all stages regardless of the performance level of their leagues. However, the UEFA Champions League and the Copa Libertadores get more points than UEFA Europa League and Copa Sudamericana. The point assignment system is still lower for the AFC, CAF, CONCACAF and OFC continental tournaments. Competitions between two continents are evaluated depending upon their importance. Competitions not organized by a continental confederation, or any intercontinental events not recognized by FIFA, are not taken into consideration.

Competition Points for Win Points for Draw
UEFA Champions League 14 7
UEFA Europa League 12 6
Copa Libertadores: 14 7
Copa Sudamericana 12 6
CAF Champions League: 9 4.5
CAF Confederations Cup 7 3.5
AFC Champions League 9 4.5
AFC Cup 7 3.5
CONCACAF Champions League 9 4.5
OFC Champions League 5 2.5
FIFA Club World Cup (Final) 14 (21) 7 (10.5)

So With that brief explanation here is the current top 50 best football team in the world according to fact not opinion.

1. (1.) FC Internazionale Milano Italia/4 304,0
2. (2.) FC Barcelona España/4 301,0
3. (4.) Real Madrid CF España/4 261,0
4. (3.) FC Bayern München Deutschland/4 260,0
5. (6.) SC Internacional Porto Alegre Brasil/4 238,0
6. (9.) Manchester United FC England/4 233,0
7. (6.) Club Estudiantes de La Plata Argentina/4 229,0
8. (5.) Liverpool FC England/4 228,0
9. (8.) FC do Porto Portugal/3 219,5
10. (11.) Chelsea FC London England/4 218,0
11. (15.) FC Zenit St. Petersburg Russia/3 211,5
12. (22.) Paris Saint-Germain FC France/4 206,0
13. (20.) AFC Ajax Amsterdam Nederland/3 205,5
14. (18.) Villarreal CF España/4 202,0
15. (17.) Cruzeiro EC Belo Horizonte Brasil/4 196,0
16. (33.) Arsenal FC London England/4 193,0

(18.) Valencia CF España/4 193,0
18. (41.) FC Dinamo Kyiv Ukraine/3 192,0

(25.) Tottenham Hotspur FC England/4 192,0

(9.) Club Atlético de Madrid España/4 192,0
21. (28.) FC Basel Schweiz/3 191,0
22. (38.) Manchester City FC England/4 188,0

(12.) Juventus FC Torino Italia/4 188,0

(33.) PFC CSKA Moscow Russia/3 188,0
25. (21.) AS Roma Italia/4 187,0

(29.) FC Shakhtar Donetsk Ukraine/3 187,0
27. (16.) São Paulo FC Brasil/4 185,0
28. (26.) Beşiktaş JK İstanbul Türkiye/3 184,5
29. (13.) RSC Anderlecht Belgique/3 183,0
30. (54.) TSV Bayer 04 Leverkusen Deutschland/4 182,0

(24.) SC Corinthians Paulista São Paulo Brasil/4 182,0

(42.) SSC Napoli Italia/4 182,0
33. (27.) Lille Olympique Sporting Club France/4 178,0
34. (45.) AC Sparta Praha Česká Republika/3 176,0
35. (38.) PSV Eindhoven Nederland/3 174,0
36. (22.) Olympique de Marseille France/4 173,0

(48.) Sport Lisboa e Benfica Portugal/3 173,0

(29.) Olympique Lyonnais France/4 173,0
39. (14.) Club Libertad Asunción Paraguay/3 172,5
40. (38.) Milan AC Italia/4 172,0

(49.) BV Borussia Dortmund Deutschland/4 172,0
42. (54.) FC BATE Barysau Belarus/2 170,0

(31.) Sevilla FC España/4 170,0
44. (35.) Hapoel Tel-Aviv FC Israel/2 169,0
45. (46.) FC København Danmark/3 168,0

(53.) CD Cruz Azul Ciudad de México México/3 168,0
47. (37.) CD Universidad de Chile Santiago Chile/3 167,5
48. (43.) FC Schalke 04 Deutschland/4 162,0
49. (105.) CCD Tolima Ibague Colombia/3 161,0
50. (66.) Sociedad Deportivo Quito Ecuador/3 160,5

It may surprise people to still see Inter Milan sitting up top as they are currently second to A.C Milain in Serie A but it is based from the year up to now. But Barca only 3 points away from top spot next month surly will see them reach number 1. For me it is very surprising to see Liverpool in 8th and dropping from 5th no less. I would have though that they would have scored less points from last year, but from this article I have written, I guess I can’t argue with the fact over my own opinion.

(The list is from 1st March 2010 – 28th February 2011)

If you want to have a look for yourself, you cane follow the link (IFFHS offical website) and check where your team stands as it goes all the way down to 400th place.


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