Arsene Wenger has come out and said that he feels that he doesn’t deserve any  improper conduct charge that he is being handed to him by UEFA. Both Arsene Wenger and Samir Nasri have been charged for using inappropriate language towards Swiss referee Massimo Busacca after the game against Barcelona.The disciplinary case will be heard on the 17th March but Wenger isn’t happy about it and feels that he doesn’t deserve to be charged and that there should be no case. Wenger said “I deny completely any charge. I do not understand where that comes from. “It is a shame for me that the referee took the decision to send Van Persie off. It was the wrong decision.” “It would be good for UEFA to show some humility, to apologise for what has happened, not charge people who have done nothing wrong.” “We are out of the Champions League, we have lost one of our big ambitions, we have been punished with a lot of damages and on top of that, we have to say sorry to UEFA.” “We have done nothing wrong. They organised the competition, they named the referees who come to the games.” “When you have a football game of that stature, you cannot come out with decisions like that and show a lot of arrogance on top of that.” “We can all understand that we can make wrong decisions, but after that it becomes dictatorship. Its not any more common sense.” “This decision frustrated us and frustrated everybody who loves football.”

Wenger has kept to his usual tight lipped self and refused to say what was said in the tunnel by or to him. But did say, “I will keep that for UEFA if they really want to know because I will have some interesting statements to make about some statements made by people who were not supposed to say what they said.” “You can check any statement I made on television after the game. If I have done anything wrong I am ready to be charged.”


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