Chelsea beat Manchester city to edge closer to Manchester United but Arsenal only could manage a draw after being 2-0.United on the other hand won their match against Bolton.

Manchester United may have left it late with Berbatov scoring on the 88th but they won when they needed to, and that is a sign of champions. United have shown all their season that they may not always play the best football, or deserve to win, but they have and that show that they still have that strong winning mentality, a never say die attitude that comes from Sir Alex Ferguson himself. Against Bolton United had Bolton under pressure having the majority of possession and made more chances with it. Bolton only managed 2 shots on target where as United had 6, and made one of the stick when Berbatov scored on the 88th minute.

Arsenal on the other hand had the same old story with a goalkeeping error to blame and with that it must be the final nail in Almunia’s coffin. With the goalkeeping injuries at Arsenal at the moment they are left with Almunia and the recently out of retirement Lehmann, who after Almunia’s mistake may find himself playing the next game. Arsenal where already 1-0 down when West Brom scored 3 minutes in another one of Arsenal’s weak spots a corner. The second goal for West Brom has to be seen to be believed as when you hear that Almunia rushed out when Squillaci was in touching distance of Odemwingie and just missed colliding with Squillaci leaving Odemwingie to turn and knock it in to an empty net from outside of the penalty area. Arsenal fought back to draw the game 2-2 when Arshavin scored on the 70th and then van Persie tackled the ball into the net. Arsenal i suppose did well not to lose the game, but really they should have been able to win the game to keep pressure on United. They still have a game in hand, but they will now put them two points behind.

Chelsea beat Manchester City moving them closer to push for a chance to retain the title, and still with a game in hand they are not yet out of the race like once thought a couple of weeks ago. With Arsenal seeming to fall and having difficulty picking themselves up, Chelsea may well steal second spot from them if they can’t get past United.  Chelsea took the lead with new signing David Luiz scoring again, showing Torres how it is done, when he headed in from a corner. Goalless Torres didnt finish the match as he came off in a double subtitle that show Drogba and Anelka come on. Chelsea scored their second on the 90th minute when Ramires dribbled his way through and scored. He is starting to show just what he is capable of and with David Luiz added to the mix, Chelsea are showing what people can expect from them next season, and with one or two more signings can be the dominant team they were of a few seasons ago.

United still seem firm in the driving seat, playing well and have Rooney and Hernandez forging a great partnership they will need to keep their strong mentality as they have a challenging fixture list, facing Chelsea in the Champions League, Manchester City in the FA Cup semi final and in the league face Arsenal and then Chelsea straight after. By the end of that game, who knows what the top three positions are going to look like, but it will make from a great run in to the end of the season that’s for sure.


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