When Emmanuel Adebayor was sold to Manchester City he hit out at Arsenal fans for their lack of support. In the four seasons he was at Arsenal he had one season where he scored 30 goals, that was in his third season, and any player that scores thirty goals is a good player, and will be a fan favourate. He seems to have forgotten that the Arsenal fans would chant his name, that they did show him love, but when the goals and commitment stopped, so did the love. The fans were not pleased with his apparent lack of commitment, that he was saying he had, and when he signed for City, the natural reaction was that he left for the money. He always said it was about football, and Arsene Wenger even came out to speak in favour of Adebayor.

From Adebayor’s point of view he left because of the treatment by the fans “It was very difficult for me at Arsenal. When I got the ball and tried to score a goal, even at home, the fans were still booing. That is something you cannot imagine.

“Now I am happy to be at a club where everyone loves me. The criticism I got at Arsenal was unfair. Clubs like AC Milan and Barcelona were in for me, but the fans could not understand why that happened.”

He went on to say how happy he was on joining City and talked about the recepiton he had recieved from them. “What is good at City is that the fans are truly fans. They love you.”

He had said in the past, how the fans’ were more supportive of him than Arsenal fans, how they inspired him more than Arsenal fans. But that only seems to be true when he signed for City, but not now, as he has said he left City because the fans didn’t love him enough.

“When I first joined Manchester City, I was very happy. At the beginning everything started very well. I was pleased, I was playing and I was scoring goals. Suddenly we had a game against Arsenal and you all know what happened. From then it went downhill for me,” The Sun quoted Adebayor, as saying.

“It was a difficult moment for me, we changed the bosses. Mark Hughes left, Roberto Mancini came along and it was even more difficult. But today the difference between leaving Arsenal and going to Manchester is that at Arsenal the fans loved me, I think even today they love me.

“When I come to Madrid I feel the same atmosphere, I feel the fans love me here as well. If you ask a player there is nothing more important than to feel loved. That’s all you want to feel,” Adebayor said.

“Today here in Madrid I feel very happy because I feel loved by all the players, by the supporters, by the staff members. They love the way I am working, they love my character. So without any doubt, those are the key moments in my life,”

How long will it be before he doesn’t socre for a few games, misses goals he should have scored and teh fans sounds some disappointment for him to leave again citing the fans lack of love.

As a goalscorer, if you don’t socre goals, you don’t get love. Its that simple. If a goalkeeper doesn’t make saves, if a defender doesn’t defend well, or if a playmaker doesn’t create chances, the fans will get on their back, as they are paid to do a job, and paid well to do it. so to not put in the commitment of effort and do what your job is, then the fans have the right to get on the players backs. Emmanuel Eboue is a great example. one Adebayor and Bentdner should follow. If the fans get on your back, don’t moan, dont change your shirt number for better luck. He took more abuse than Bendtner and Adebayor combined, he was subbed due to his performance being booed so much by the fans, and you could see the pain on his face. But he didn’t leave, he didn’t moan, he worked hard and changed the opinion of fans. He may not play be a regular but when he does play, the fans sing his name, not boo it. and he deserves the song they sing.


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