With Real Madrid losing at home to Sporting Gijon this past saturday, Tottenham may feel there is a good chance that they can get a positive result out of the game. But Sporting Gijon are not an attacking team in any kind of way, and Harry Redknapp’s Tottenham are going to have to defend well which they showed they are capable of doing just that against A.C Milan. Mind you Jose Mourinho just lost his first home game in nine years, there is a good chance he is out for retribution, and a big win in the champions league just may well suffice. 

Tottenham will have Gareth Bale fit for tonights game, but people will be looking at Van der Vaart for some inspiration, and facing a former team, a player always seems to up their game. With Pienaar out, and Bale in there is not much chance to the style of play, except for making Tottenham more attacking. I would assume that they would start with Crouch up front with Van der Vaart behind to scoop up any of the ball knocked down. With Tottenham able to break quickly with Bale and Lennon on either flank is a great tactic to have up your sleeve. It will be important for Tottenham to have Gomes on top form tonight, and with his aerial ability and quick reflexes he can easily keep a clean sheet, as Madrid are not going to be pressing with free kicks and corners on a tactical level, that is sometimes where Gomes can let himself down. Dawson will be key tonight, and with Madrid attacking force all the back four will have to be on top of thier game.  I would expect to see Redknapp have a strong midfield in front of his back for, with Sandro and Palacios, but Modric may well be in the line up ahead of Palacios for his ability to keep the ball and move it on when needs be, but that could be at home when they are more likely to score.

Real Madrid will be boasting a strong team also, with Khedria and Alonso in midfield they anchor the midfield which lets the more attacking players ahead of them free to move about. Ronaldo will be in the squad, and may well start and with Ozeil and Di Maria with Adebayor upfront Madrid are very dangerous. Adebayor is going to be a real threat to Tottenham having a good goal scoring record against them.  Madrid may have a better squad, but that is not putting down the squad Redknapp has amassed. Madrid have more money and more history to attract those better players, but if players can’t play as a team, then sometimes the better team wins. And Tottenham are a very good team. Mourinho is working Madrid into a strong team, and for man management, for inspiring players, for having the ability to have players want to win for you, both Mourinho and Redknapp have those qualities in abundance.

tonight’s games is set to be an exciting one, with great players on show and two great managers going up against each other.


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