I don’t want to, but I have to. People like to talk about players, but sometimes the most important man is the manager. Last year Inter were champions of Italy and champions of Europe. This season however they lay third and after tonight looks as good as dead. Benitez was the man given the job to begin with, but then he was replaced by Leonardo. Would tonight have seen the same result if Mourinho was still in charge of Inter, I very much doubt it. That is not to say Schalke would have troubled Inter any less, but the result would not have been as bad as this, especially at home.

Inter got of to a flyer and looked like it was going to be their night when Stankovic scored a marvellous goal in 25 seconds. Schalke’s keeper Neuer headed out, with an intresting dolphin like dive. With the goal open Stankovic took a chance and volleyed it from the half way line. A stunning goal, once which looks like God was plating Fifa 11. Schalke hit back and equalized when Joel Matip scored. Diego Milito gave Inter the lead again but it didnt last. Edu, who was having a good game, managed to get Schake level for the second half. In the second half Schalke flipped the script and even though they were the away team, they played like they were the home side, and took the lead for the first time. Raul added to his already impressive European Champions League goal tally. Raul controlled the ball well before slotting it away. Inter the gave Schalke the 4th when Ronacchia put the ball in the net when he slid in and couldn’t stop from hitting the low cross. Schalke rounded up the scoring when Edu got his second of the game putting not just the game but the tie out of reach for Inter. Having to win 4-0 away just doesn’t seem likely, though it can happen, personally, with Leonardo in charge, I cant see it happening.

Here is Stankovic’s goal for your viewing pleasure.


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