With the lack of a penalty given in last night’s game at Stamford bridge, when clearly it was one, and with an additional assistant referee yards away and with a perfect view, People have begun to wonder what is the role of that extra assistant referee.

responsibilities of Additional Assistant Referees

  •  They are there to inform the referee of the game via radio any incidents he may have missed
  • They are to pay particular attention to the penalty area and its surroundings.
  • Assist the referee of the game on incidents, but main referee remain solely in charge.

that being said, surely the extra assistant referee could have said via radio that it was a penalty. He may not have given it, but would have assisted the referee who may not have seen the challenge clearly enough.

Dean Kiely appeared on Your On Sky Sports” after Wednesday’s game, 6th april, and on the subject of the referee’s assistant came up with an idea that when I heard personally agreed with. He said “every official on the game should be able to make a decision, I would even say to linesman that they can patrol in they, don’t have to stand on the line, come in 10/12 yards.”

“I would have liked to have seen that official tonight to have the authority to have seen it through his eyes and given the penalty and then the referee go to that official ask why, and say, because he didn’t play the ball, he played the man, it’s a penalty and the referee of the game then awards the penalty”

I think that would make the game a lot fairer, keep the game free of any technology that Fifa fear will slow down the game, and keep the final decision down to a human one. It would be nice for the assistant to have the power to do more than flag for offside or award a throw in, and if h can see a foul, or obstruction call the main referee attention to it.

What do you think?


Agree or disagree? Have your say!

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