With Arsenal needing to win to keep pressure on United for the title and Tottenham needing a win to keep them ahead of City for the Champions League spot, you knew it was going to be an attacking game. And it lived up to all the expectations, if not surpassed them. But in the end the final result was not what either team wanted, yes one point is better than no points, but with Chelsea winning, Arsenal moved to third and Tottenhan are two points behind Manchester City in fifth.

The game couldn’t have started any better with three goals in the first 15 minutes. Walcott opened the scoring for Arsenal after 7 minutes when he ran on from a through ball and slotted away nicely. Van der Vaart then leveled the game up in no time, well 80 seconds. Nasri then took a shot from out of the area and Gomes may feel that he could have one better, as it was a shot that he does normally save.

The game continued to go back and fourth and more goals looked certian but didnt come until near the end of the half when van Persie scored on the 41st. Tottenham didnt wait lonmg to reply and scored with Tom Huddlestone scoring a great half volley which fizzed in. The second half was a little more cautious but still open. #

The game was more fought in midfield with Modric and Fabregas having a great fight throughout the whole match. Diaby came off for Wilshere and he and Van der Vaart started their own personal game, though angry words were exchanged, they were later in the game seen joking. Wilshere seems to really be enjoying himself on the pitch at the moment, as does Szcszney who seemed to play most of the match with a smile on his face. He looks to be the goalkeeper Arsenal have been missing, but did give away a penalty on substitue lennon, which Van der Vaart scored.

Szcszney had made a great save earlier in the game, which if he has miss timed would have given Tottenham a penalty. Both goal keepers made great saves to keep thier side in the game. Some great shot blocks, and some fingertip saves. There was not really any player that you could say under performed, not even the referee.

Martin Atkinson let the game play, which was a great thing to see, it was excatly what you want from a game of football, especially from a derby match. The tackles where there, but so where the advantages to play on.

For Tottenham Assou-Ekotto put in fabulous crosses for Crouch who seemed to win every header, and was knocking them down for Van der Vaart or across goal for Pavlyencko, Lennon when he was brought on he harassed the left and kept Sagna pinned back, and Modric was majestic in midfield for Tottenham. Everybody seems to talk about Vand der Vaart as eh scores goals, but Tottenham fans know, Modric makes that midfield tick the way it does. Huddlestone had a good game getting back to fitness, but showed he still can take a shot!

For Arsenal Walcott looked bright and up to run for any ball put infront of him, and van Persie, who seemed to stay up more than he usually does, which is a good thing, scord his 16th goal in his 16th game. Arsenal fans will be saying the same things as always and being asking where they could be in the league if van Persie was fit all season. Sagna was solid as he always is, and Clichy looked good coming back, which sometimes he can look shakey. Both center backs played well, but lost out in the air to Crouch. Fabregas was ket for Arsenal tonight, where he may not have played so well against Liverpool he seemed to make up for it tonight, and along with Nasri they together seemed to create oppurtites out of nothing.

In the end the game was a great game for the neutral, but for the fans of the london based clubs, it doesn’t mean anything if they cant reach the targets they want, and in the end the fans of the teams from Manchester will be very very happy with the result.


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