Here are two good job opportunities for all out of work managers that are looking to step back into the world of management, or any managers that are looking for a new experience. One job is for the majorly ambitious and the other is for the best for a manager that likes a challenge.

These opportunities lay in the London area and applicants must be able to deal with difficult bosses. At one of the jobs the owner is very impatient and hard to please while the others don’t know what they are doing but are happy to criticise when you do something wrong.

One of the clubs are looking to build on their still recently successful history while the other is looking to regain a place at the top level. For both clubs expectations are high, not just by the clubs, but also by the fans.

If your application is successful, depending on which job you choose, you will be given money to bring in the players that you like, but you may also have to content with the hierarchy bringing in players that they like also. Your management team may also be dictated to you, but you are allowed to bring in staff for these positions also.

With the other job you should be wary, as if the bosses feel you are undermining them and you are liked more than them, you may face the sack. There will not be as much money, if any, to bring in new players and you may join the club after a cut price clearance, so numbers may be short, and the quality of player you are able to bring in will not be top quality.

One will be able to offer very competitive salary, with very good bonuses if reached, but if not reached you may well receive a healthy redundancy pay. The other will not be able to offer such competitive rates, but you will be well paid in the Division you will be managing.

If interested contact the Premier League or FA or directly with Mr. Abramovich or Mr. Gold & Mr. Sullivan


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