It seems Rafa Benitez is looking to step back into the world of management and is “ready and waiting”.

So is this a come and get me plea to Roman Abramovich over at Chelsea?

Having managed in Spain and briefly in Italy, it appears he is more inclined to stay in England as he is happier being more in control of the club, more than being a head coach, which is more usual in Spain and Italy.

“Because I came from Spain I have a different vision. I know how you can do things in Spain, Italy or here. After six years at Liverpool I am really pleased to stay in England.

“I know how to manage, I know about business plans, I know how to buy and sell players. In Spain and Italy, they take care of them. Here you have more experience.

“I know what it means after five years in charge of the Academy and you can see now how the young players of Liverpool have progressed.”

Rafa Benitez does also possess something Roman Abramovich wants in a manager and that is the ability to win the Champions League, having won it with Liverpool in the 2004-05 season.

He may also be seen as the man to get the best out of Fernando Torres, having been his previous manager that brought him to Liverpool from Atlético Madrid.

Time will tell on this, as I guess when he says he wants to manage in England he is not meaning at West Ham!


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