With Liverpool and United the first clubs to make big signings with Henderson and Jones heading to Liverpool and United respectively, is this a glimpse of what is to come this summer. Both signing are for around £16 million with both having the chance to raise to £20 million with 5 year contracts, but the question needs to be asked, are the transfers of Hednerson and Jones value for money?

Sunderland fans seem to be happy with the amount of money they have got, with some happy to see him leave, but he is still learning his game, and at Liverpool with the likes of Gerrard and Dalglish I am sure he is going to blossom into a good player, but is he really worth more than what Arsenal paid for Nasri or the same amount that Tottenham paid for Modric? In my opinion, I wouldn’t say that it is, but I wouldn’t say that £35 million for Carroll is either, but I do think that both players will b a success at Liverpool and help the club progress.

Realistically I would have thought the most he would have been brought for would have been £10 million. He may be young, but that also means you are also not buying a finished product, so you pay so much doesn’t seem to make much sense.

The same could be said with Phil Jones who has had a great opening season with Blackburn, last season being his first full season, but at only 19 he has only played 35 times in the Premiership. He is a big, physical player, that is only going to get better and at Manchester United he is undoubtedly going to progress better there than at Blackburn, and that is not a swipe at Blackburn.

United are used to spending big on a young defender, they spent £29.1 million on Rio Ferdinand at age 24. But with Rio you had a more polished product. Phil Jones has a huge amount of potential but again United have paid £16.5 million with it possibly rising to £20 million for a player they are still going to have to develop. I wouldn’t have been surprised to see him go for £10 million rising to £15-16 million, but for £16 million with it going up to £20 million I am surprised, but with Liverpool probably wiling to pay that, I am not surprised that United didn’t want to miss out on their man.


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