We are only half way through the month but we have seen a lot of action with managers coming and going.  We have seen Ancelotti, Houllier, Hughes and Davies out of job, either willing or not. And we have seen out of work managers back in to football with Martin Jol and Steve McClaren back in English football.

Sam Allardyce has taken over at West Ham, with some fans not happy with the thought of long ball football, something which Allardyce hates being labelled with. West Ham fans have come accustomed to a sexier type of football. They may not be Barcelona or Arsenal but they don’t play like Bolton or Blackburn of old.

The Villa board decided that with the health risks that Gerad Houllier was unable to lead the club anymore and by mutual consent left Villa and so far every manager under the sun that is out of work has been linked with the job and even some that are still currently in charge of a team have been approached, but Martinez decided to stay where he is.

Mark Hughes left Fulham at such a convenient time that every one though he was going to be appointed the new Villa boss, but then it came out that there was a waiting period before he can be approached for any new jobs. As well as being linked with the Aston Villa job he has also been linked with vacant Chelsea job. But it seems that both of these are just rumours and that neither team are really that interested in him becoming their manager. He stated that he left so that he could continue to grow as a manager, but how much he will be able to grow while out of a job can’t be that much.

With a job open at Craven Cottage, Martin Jol, who had been linked with the job last year before they appointed Mark Hughes, was appointed new manager. Jol has seemed to have an agreement with Fulham last year, but Ajax put in the blockers to that and he stayed with the Dutch side, but only for a few more months before he left siting that he was unable to work with the board. During his time in charge of Ajax he won the Dutch Cup and came second in the league by just one point behind Steve McClaren’s FC Twente.

And today has seen Billy Davies fired from his job at Nottingham Forest and Steve McClaren appointed as their new manager. The appointment of McClaren has come with mixed views with some fans believing it to be a mistake, while others believe he is the man that is going to be able to move them forward.

Many will still remember McClaren as a wolly with a brolly, but he has done enough to exorcise his demons on a personal level with his success at FC Twente where he finished 2nd in his first season and left at the end of his second season as Champions. He moved on to Wolfsburg and was not as successful as he and they would have hoped but Nottingham Forest have now got a manager that has European and International experience and a desire to prove himself to the British public.

Billy Davies he well liked by the fans, and the fans didn’t want him to go, but understand that the situation between him and the board had reached such a point that it couldn’t continue. With Alex McLeish quitting Birmingham and automatically linked with the Villa job, Billy Davies is linked with Birmingham City. The board have spoken of their unhappiness that McLeish has left but also with how he has left. The fans may feel some unhappiness, but will understand that McLeish has done his best for the club, but will not be happy if he chooses to join rivals Aston Villa.

McLeish and Davies join the list of Paulo Sousa, Carlo Ancelotti, Rafa Benitez, Alan Curbishley, Roberto Di Matteo, Chris Hughton, Roy Keane, Martin O’Neil Bryan Robson and more that a free for work.


Agree or disagree? Have your say!

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