It looks as if Gervinho is on his way to Arsenal, but maybe it should be Eden Hazard who Wenger should be after.

Gervinho is a good player but seems to be a similar player to Theo Walcott, pacey but not a proflic goalscorer. He has been an integeral part of the Lique 1 Championship winning side, Lille, scoring 15 goals, but with all honesty, The French league is not the strongest in European football, let alone World football. So is he the player Arsenal need?

Eden Hazard is a better player, having much more of an impact for the team and a more creative edge. It may have been a few seasons ago, but Hazard was linked with Arsenal and it has been well documented that  Wenger has been a keen admirer of the Belgian. There has been nothing more than transfer talk but now Arsenal and Lille are in talks over the transfer of Gervinho, maybe they will try and strike some kind of deal  for a future transfer of Hazard.

If Arsenal were able to pull of a coup and sign both Gervinho and Hazard, they would look a much more dangerous side and if Nasri did leave there wouldn’t be much of a gap to fill. Hazard can play as an attacking midfielder or winger, where as Gervinho is a winger who can play upfront, positions Bendtner has played in unsuccessfully.

Hazard would play a role like Nasri or Arshavin.

Talk of leaving Fabregas, Arshavin, Nasri, Bendtner, Clichy, Denilson.

Talk of coming in Samba, Gervinho, Jose Enrique.


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