The Atlético Madrid striker, Diego Forlán, is getting a lot of attention from across Europe but it seems that he is looking for a return to England.

Atlético Madrid seem happy to cash in on Forlán having accepted a bid from Turkish giants Galatasaray, but the Uruguayan turned them down.

Any club across Europe would love to have Forlán in their side, he may be getting older, but he still knows how to find the back of the net.

His style of play would probably see him do very well in Italy, but there doesn’t seem to be any talk of him heading that way, but I could see him playing for the likes of A.C Milan, Juventus or even Napoli.

But with the Atlético Madrid president, Enrique Cerezo, stating “Diego will decide what happens, but it looks like his first choice will be England,” The general Conesus is that he is off to Tottenham, as they were interested in him during the January transfer window, but I don’t think it is that easy.

Tottenham may have looked an attractive prospect to Forlán last season, but now this season with Tottenham being in the Europa League, there are other teams in the league that could be in for the South American.

Manchester City will be looking to sell before they buy, but depending on the price they may decide to go for the striker to bolster their strike force, especially if Tevez leaves.

He may not have had the best time in England with Manchester United, but I don’t see why, if United sell Berbatov, they would be put of taking him back. With Ashley Young now at the club also, with his assists Forlán could well benefit.

I also don’t see why Arsène Wenger would not look at Forlán, depending on the fee of course. His age may concern Wenger, but Arsenal do need a main striker, as when Robin van Persie is fit, he is that player that will score them goals, but he still is still yet to have a whole season fully fit, and it wouldn’t be surprising that when Netherlands face England on the 8th of August that he could come off with an injury.

Time will tell on this, but I don’t think it is going to be Tottenham and only Tottenham that come in for the talented goal scorer.


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