Santos have admitted that five clubs from Europe have bid the 40 million needed to activate Neymar’s release clause and because they acted in an appropriate way they have been allowed to talk to the young Brazilian or his representatives.

The five speculated clubs are Real Madrid, Barcelona, Chelsea, Manchester City, and Russian club Anzhi Makhachkala. It has been strongly rumoured that Neymar’s likely destination is Real Madrid, but if it is true and all five clubs have permission to talk to him, there is no guarantee that is where he will be heading.

Let’s take a look at the options that are in front of him, starting with Real Madrid.

Real Madrid.

Jose Mourinho and Madrid will be looking to add to the squad that came up short against Barcelona last season and having already recruited Hamit Altintop and Nuri Sahin, Neymar would bring the flair the Madrid fans love to see. But would Mourinho’s negative tactics suit the flamboyant Brazilian, also maybe The Special One may not want to deal with his apparent attitude problem.


Well who wouldn’t want to join Barcelona at the moment? Playing sexy football and winning trophies does not always go hand in hand, the Netherlands side of old are evident of that, but with this current Barca team playing some of the sexiest football and winning everything they can, that is not the case. With Alexis Sanchez rumoured to be joining Barcelona, if Neymar joined as well, then David Villa and Pedro will have to look over their shoulders.


Abramovich doesn’t mind splashing his cash about on transfer fees or player salaries, but nor are Real Madrid or Manchester City, but Chelsea had a great finish to the season and are an ambitious club always looking to compete in every competition, do trophies will come if he decides to join the South London side. Also with the signing of David Luiz and with Ramires already at the club, He could fit in well at Chelsea.

Manchester City.

If City want him, they can get him as money is no problem for the Dubai owned club. They could over him triple what everyone would, and it wouldn’t sunrise me if they don’t. But there is not as much history in the club as there is at a club like Madrid or Barcelona. Even Chelsea can’t boast a great history, but they can talk of an exciting future that they are planning on Making. But with what happened with Robinho, and what Tevez is saying, maybe he will decide to stay clear.

Anzhi Makhachkala.

Not many will have hears of the Russian club except for the fact that Roberto Carlos plays for them, and has had a banana thrown at him whilst playing. Now that doesn’t sound encouraging, but they ate owned by a billionaire. The actions of a fan should not go against the club as a whole, and from what is known of the owner, he would not condone this action. But the fact that a relatively unknown club would be offering 40 million shows their intent for the future. It seems that billionaires and football are going to go hand in hand in the coming future. Poor old millionaires!


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