Normally when funny things happen in football, I will have it under “Football’s A Funny Game”, but this is not funny it’s a joke.

Does the name Massimo Busacca ring a bell with you, I bet it does, but you might not remember from where. Well he was the referee in charge of the Arsenal – Barcelona game in which Robin van Persie was booked and sent off for kicking the ball away only a second after he had blown his whistle.


Well Fifa have just announced that he is going to be Head of the Refereeing Department. Click Here

How cane Fifa want to be taken seriously when they continue to make absurd decisions such as these. They have appointed a man who has not only made dubious referee decisions, but questionable ethical ones for one in his position on the football field.

When looking into the past of the referee to find out that he has not only made other refereeing mistakes but also has done things that are inexcusable it is amazing that he would get a job like this.

He took charge of one game during the 2010 World Cup when he sent off South African goalkeeper, Itumeleng Khune, in the 77th minute, for tripping the Uruguay striker, Luis Suárez. After the game South Africa boss Carlos Alberto Parreira claimed that “Myself and everyone else said it was the worst referring performance in this competition so far”.

Also to read that he swore at the crowd during a Swiss Cup match between FC Baden and Young Boys in 2009 is just crazy. Click Here. It happened when crowd trouble disrupted the game after home side Baden took an unlikely lead, Busacca swore at the crowd, raising his middle finger. Busacca had initially denied doing any such thing but was found guilty by the Swiss Football Association and was banned for three games and was forced to give an apology.

I am more shocked to find out that there were also allegations that Busacca had urinated on the pitch during a game in Qatar whilst officiating a game in Qatar between Al-Gharafa and Al-Khor in September. He decided to urinate on the edge of the penalty area before a corner was taken.

Fifa are a joke, it is just a shame that the joke seems to be on the beautiful game itself, and not on themselves.


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