The dust has settled and the transfer window has almost been forgotten and the international games took center stage.

So we are now able to have a look at some of the transfers that went through on deadline day, as there were some happy faces, but there were some unhappy face also!

If you sign for a new club, surly it is common courtesy to smile! Some did, but some didn’t. So lets have a look at some happy and not so happy faces.

Bryan Ruiz.Now This is a player that looks happy to have signed for a club.  A big smile, and looks forward to putting on the shirt and playing.








Shaun Wright-Phillips. SWP doesn’t look overly happy here. He doesn’t seem to be all that enthusiastic about signing for QPR.







Anton Ferdinand. Now in contract Anton looks very happy to have signed for QPR. fulfilling the Ferdinand tradition. Cousin Les and Brother Rio have both played for QPR and now Anton. He will be hopoing he can emulate the sucess of Les Ferdinand during his time there.






Craig Bellamy. Comolli looks more happy than Bellamy, but that isn’t to say that Bellamy doesn’t look happy himself. Bellamy will have a huge smile when he comes out at Anfield in a Liverpool shirt for the second time, that’s for sure.







Peter Crouch. Crouchy looks looks like he is smirking here, but none the less crouch looks happy to have signed for Stoke, and I am sure he is looking forward to getting regular football.






Samir Nasri. Nasri may not have signed on the deadline day, but he is a player that looks very happy to have signed for City.






Everybody has joked about the next two pictures.

Royston Drenthe. The first is of Royston Drenthe, Now these transfers went through late, and he could well be tired, but there is no smile, no enthusiasm at all. This picture will be around for ages!





Denis. Now Denis is a different matter, he looks scary! kind of reminds me of young Danny Trejo. There doesn’t seem to be joy, happiness or excitement, but scared bemusement!






Scott Dann & Yakubu. There are three people in this picture but only one is smiling at the is Kean. So did the photographer forget to say cheese? And did anyone see the interview on Sky Sports with Scott Dann. The awkwardness in that answer. priceless.


Agree or disagree? Have your say!

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