With another bad result and yet another poor performance from Real Madrid is this the beginning of the end for Mourinho’s reign? We all know that Mourinho had never wanted to leave Chelsea, and the way he was dismissed has stuck with him even up to now, so is he going to stay at a club long enough to get attached only to be hurt again, I don’t think so. If results don’t get better, I wouldn’t be surprised to see Mourinho walk, with no doubt some great quotes.

For Real Madrid, it is not just about results, but about the game, the entertainment, to be all round better, and with Barcelona being that team, it hurts every Madrid fan for that to be the case. The club want trophies, but they also want accolades as being the best football team in the world, and if Jose Mourinho can not bring that, then he will be replaced and he knows it. That is why he has fought so much as the club to have a say at the higher levels and not just be seen as a coach that is easily expendable.

By the end of the season, if Mourinho is still there and they haven’t won the Champions League or La Liga and don’t do it with style, Madrid may be nosing around Wenger’s name again and Jose may be looking for an exit strategy. He left Inter at a time when he knew he could take them no further, and knew he would be remember there for some time to come. At Real I don’t think the same would be said, as apart from the Cup, his achievements have not been better than Pellegrini.

The next match will be scrutinized by Real fans and the Real Madrid hierarchy and if things don’t start to get better soon, the calls for his head will surely come.


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