Gian Piero Gasperini has been sacked as Inter Milan manager after a terrible start to the season, and Arsenal fans thought their club was in turmoil! after three games they have just one point losing their first game 4-3 to Palermo, drew 0-0 with Roma at home, and then surprisingly lost 3-1 to newly promoted Novara, I know I have never heard of them either! It was their first home game in the Serie A in 55 years.

Short but not sweet

If you search Wikipedia for Gasperini the entry for his reign over Inter Milan is a joke, here it is

On June 24, 2011, Massimo Moratti confirmed that Gasperini would replace Leonardo as head coach of Internazionale.[5][6] On September 21, 2011, Massimo Moratti confirmed that Gasperini had been sacked as head coach of Internazionale.[7]

It’s fair to say that Gasperini thought he would be given a little more time, Even though Inter Milan’s president Massimo Moratti said “Gasperini didn’t have control of the match? It really seems to me that he didn’t, but let’s sleep on it.” Gasperini responded saying “If the problem is the coach, then it has an easy solution.”If instead, as I believe, the problem is another one, then we must resolve it through work.”

“I will say what I think directly to the president and the directors. However, I still believe that this team must live less in the past and more in the present, in the situation that we are in today.

“There’s no need to reset everything, but to recognise the reality of the latest performances. It’s necessary to reach a greater consistency, regardless of the formations and the coach.

“I’m serious about my work, which has given me much satisfaction in the past, and now it is putting me to the test. But I have to work in order to resolve this situation.”

Writing’s On The Wall

President Moratti didn’t share the confidence of Gasperini and when he is in control of your future a statement like this doesn’t bode well “Will Gasperini stay? I don’t think so,”

It seems a shame that they haven’t keep faith with Gasperini, as they hired him for a good reason and that was his success with Genoa.

he led his Genoa to a promotion to Serie A in his first season with the club and in the following seasons led Genoa to a 5th place finish In the 2008–2009 season gaining them entry into the Europa League. With Genoa his 3-4-3 formation worked a charm, even Jose Mourinho came out and said that Gasperini’s side was the one most difficult to play against, and with many players benefiting from it, such as Diego Milito, Marco Rossi, Salvatore Bocchetti and Thiago Motta, it seemed that good things for Genoa and Gasperini would follow.

Football’s A Fickle Thing

But football is a results based game and with a poor start in the 2010–11 season, with 11 points in 10 games Gasperini was relieved of his duties. His past successes for the club were forgotten and the panic seemed to set in and he was fired. So when he was hired as Inter Milan coach some where surprised, some were excited and some were worried, but all I would imagine thought he would get more than three games in charge.

Who’s Next?

Well after Jose Mourinho’s reign at the club, maybe people at the club and the fans have an unfair expectation on managers that follow. For me Benitez was not the man to follow him, nor was Leonardo, but who could. And that is the problem as Mourinho is a huge act to follow. Inter reached the highest high under him, maybe they have to realise that they may not reach that for some time, and give a new manager new objectives and new expectations.

What manager that isn’t looking for work would leave a club they are managing to take over a club that has a bloated self belief and have gone through 3 manages in 2 seasons!  So it seems Inter need someone who has as big or bigger self belief and is crazy, wait, isn’t that Jose Mourinho?


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