Just when I start to believe that Anzhi can be taken seriously, they go and do something stupid like this.

Now firing a manager when matches haven’t gone your way isn’t strange in the world of football, but to have Assistant Manager Andrei Gordeyev working alongside Roberto Carlos doesn’t make any sense to me.

Now I am not saying that Roberto Carlos shouldn’t be given a chance to try his hand at coaching, and moving into management, but if Anzhi are looking to progress, try and get as high up in the league to get a European place, then you want experience.

You would expect to have an experienced Assistant Manager step up for the time being and you would have thought they would have waited until they had a replacement lined up, but to do this, on what feels like a whim, just makes the club look unprofessional.

You wouldn’t expect Barcelona to sack Pep Guardiola and have his Assistant Manager Tito Vilanova take over work alongside with Eric Abidal and expect performances to get better.

Anzhi won’t have been the first team to have acted so rashly and come across unprofessional, but when a club decides to portray it’s self to be a big club, you have to be act like a big club to become a big club.

So if that means you are going to spend big money, sign big name players you are going to come under the spotlight, so be careful how you act, as these things make you look like a circus, not a professional football club


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