Andre Villas-Boas is a manager under pressure, but the Chelsea owner has to learn to have patience and not act to rashly. Chelsea can be a success with AVB in charge, but there has to be a change at the club with new players coming in and players going out.

Everybody knows Chelsea have an ageing squad and they have moved to fix that, but some of the signings have been aimed too far in the future rather than for the following season and the players Chelsea did buy to have an instant impact didn’t. Those two players are of course Fernando Torres and David Luiz.

David Luiz had a good start to his career, especially when you compare that to Torres, but he probably would be suited to a more defensive midfield role rather than the central defence role he is currently in. Chelsea spent big to bring Luiz to the club, and not doubt he will work out to be a good player for Chelsea but at the moment he is under the scrutinising spotlight of every football pundit going, so it will be make or break for him with how he handles that kind of pressure.

Fernando Torres on the other hand still has a lot to do before people can say that he wasn’t a flop signing because at £50 million the expectation on him is huge. His performances may have been good, but as the main striker he needs to be scoring goals not helping make them.

When the January transfer window opens it will be interesting to see who comes and goes as the big player are not going to be sold with half of the season to go, so I would except the big signings to happen during next years summer transfer window.

Everybody has their opinions on who Chelsea need to buy and as they have the ability to buy anyone they want the list is rather long, but the same big names always come up. Players like Neymar and Eden Hazard always come up and they are quality players but as good as they are do people know much about them. If Neymar or Hazard joined Chelsea where would they play? How would they fit into what AVB’s way of playing? Lets not forget that they bought Juan Mata who is still settling into Chelsea and the Premiership, with him playing on the left where Neymar and Hazard normally play would that mean they are going to sell Juan Mata or try and play him out of position?

With AVB Chelsea are playing a 4-3-3 and with a 3 pronged attack you need a focal player, and Torres is not that player. Since his injury at Liverpool he has not been the same, and £50 million to sign him in the hope he was going to regain that kind of form that saw him score 24 goals in crazy.

If Chelsea just buy players on the back of their name then they are going to fail, but if they buy players that can be built into a team then they can rival Manchester City next year.

I am sure Chelsea will have a year or two year plan with players they want to sign, players they want to develop and the style of play they will be using. Now I don’t know what AVB and his staff or what Abramovich has in mind, but for me there are four players that if they signed next summer would make Chelsea a much more formidable force than they are now.

Marek Hamšík






If AVB is going to continue to use his 4-3-3 formation then he needs a right inside forward. Daniel Sturridge is a striker, not an attacking midfielder. Yes he has pace but that is better utilized running onto a through ball to score, but to try and beat player to cross. Marek Hamšík is more the used to that position, although Napoli play a 3-4-3. Hamsik can get goals, pass and create chances and that is what Chelsea need from a player in that position. Eden Hazard could do that also, but is more useful on the left, and so is Mata.

Luka Modric








Now Chelsea tried once and failed but is likely to succeed in the summer in getting Modric from Tottenham. Modric is the player Chelsea are really missing at the moment. His movement with and without the ball and his passing ability is key. He can move the ball from midfield to the attackers and really kick start any kind of attacking move. He would be able to supply Mata and Hamsik with the ball in dangerous areas as well as retain possession when needed. He would be like Xavi for Barcelona.

Philip Lahm







The right back situation at Chelsea is something that needs to be addressed. Some have said that maybe David Luiz would be better applied there but I don’t agree. Bosingwa is not the player Chelsea need, not for their style of play, but Lahm would suit perfectly. The converted Left back is a player that can defend and go forward, has good passing and great crossing ability. The fact that he can play left back is also a key reason Chelsea should look to buy him as cover for Ashley Cole.

Seydou Doumbia







Chelsea have bought Lukaku as the new Drogba, but if anyone is like Drogba its Doumbia. He is bog strong, and run at players, is in the box at the right time to score and can bully in the air. In a 4-3-3 he would be an idea focal point. You can put the ball up to him and he can score or hold up the ball. His goalscoring record speaks for itself. For Young Boys he scored 57 goals in 78 games in all competitions and for CSKA Moscow he has scored 42 goals in 55 games in all competitions. Some may argue that in the Swiss and Russian leagues goals may be easier to come by, but he is scoring in the Champions League. He may be available in January too which would be a bonus.

This is how they would line-up


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