With Drogba’s agent saying he won’t sign a new contract and that will be leaving the club and will sign to the highest bidder where will Didier go next?

AC Milan

The Italian giants are looking to add to their team and the Ivorian is a player they have long coveted. Milan wanted to have him on loan but that has come to nothing, and so they are focusing on Tevez. With Ibrahimovic, Robinho and Pato already at Milan’s disposal, where would Drogba fit in? He is obviously not happy at not being the main striker with Chelsea at the moment, and if he signed for Milan I can’t imagine that he would be ahead of Ibrahimovic. Carlos Tevez seems to be a more useful signing as a replacement for Cassano, but next season could see Drogba playing in the famous Black and Red of AC Milan.

Inter Milan

Maybe Inter should be looking to sign Drogba as they could do with a goal scorer. Inter are not the team they were a few seasons ago under the management of Jose Mourinho languishing in 15th place in the Serie A and Diego Milito their top scorer with only 3 goals, so it wouldn’t be unfair to say that they are a team that would need a striker like that. By next year it would be too late, unless they move for a transfer now, but I am sure Chelsea will ask for some serious transfer fee.

Paris St. German

PSG have the money and no doubt Drogba could do well on the French league and with the French club doing well in the league by the end of the season could be in the Champions League and that would definitely attract Drogba to join the resurgent Paris St. Germain. Along with other quality signings that will no doubt happen during the January transfer window and the summer, the signing of Drogba could be just what PSG need to propel them forward to where they want to be.

FC Malaga

Malaga have already spent money on top strikers like Julio Baptista and Ruud van Nistelrooy, but with Malaga looking to push forward and qualify for Champions League another top striker wouldn’t hurt and if Drogba and van Nistelrooy forged a partnership they really could push forward. Malaga are currently 5th in La Liga but the owners want a European finish and will hope that will be in the Champions League so they can attract players of Drogba’s pedigree.


Now if Anzhi what Drogba no doubt they can get him and I’m sure he and Eto’o would make a great partnership with one using his pace the other using his strength. Anzhi are not looking so good in the league compared to the other teams highlighted and may not be in any European competition next season and that I believe would detract Drogba in choosing Anzhi as his next destination, but if offered 200k a week that could be big influence in his decision.

If I were Drogba, I would probably opt for Inter Milan. They may not be doing so well at the moment but I believe that will change and with one or two key signings they will be able to compete in the Serie A next season and if they keep their key players such as Sneijder then a player like Drogba would be able to fit in very well and score.

What happens will happen, will his decision be on football or money, or will this get him a better contract at Chelsea, I find that unlikely, but time will tell.


Agree or disagree? Have your say!

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