Alexandre Pato has turned down a move to the Parisian club stating that “AC Milan is my home.”

On his official website, http://www.alexandrepatooficial.com.br, Pato explains his decision to stay with the Milanese club instead of moving to PSG.

AC Milan is my home. I do not want to interrupt my career with AC Milan after winning my first two trophies with this shirt. I want to contribute to the history of Milan and to the future success of the club. This joy will give me the energy to face the future games with more enthusiasm, will to win and to score. Today is a special day for me. I thank Prime Minister Berlusconi, the board and the fans who have always believed in me

His decision to stay and the collapse of the transfer of Carlos Tevez to Milan is no coincidence in my eyes. Milan would have used the money from that transfer towards any deal with Manchester City for Carlos Tevez.

I wonder how the hierarchy at AC Milan will now act towards Pato, and I wonder is the fans are happy with him staying or angry at not getting Carlos Tevez?

It was nice to see a player not sign for a club based just on money, a refreshing change in the modern day game, that’s for sure!


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