AC Milan may have agreed a deal with PSG to sell their player to them, but when it came to the move, Pato declined. Milan may have just wanted to free up some money to bring in Carlos Tevez, but that doesn’t mean the boy from Brazil wanted to leave.

Good things come to those who wait

Leonardo and Paris St. Germain are looking to build a legacy and from the players they have bought earlier in the season along with the recent signing of Maxwell from Barcelona, they look be on course.  Obviously there will be disappointed that a player of Pato’s qualities has turned them down, but the fans should remain optimistic.

Remember back to when Manchester City were first taken over. Robinho was their first “World Class” signing and it was something of a coup. One that didn’t work out, but it started the revolution at the Eastlands. It took them time to build a squad that now boasts some of the world’s best talent and that is what PSG need to remember.

“Good things come to those that wait.”

You reap what you sow

No doubt clubs like PSG and Malaga will be using Manchester City as a blueprint, but nothing in football is a certainty. Injuries, bad luck or a poor mentality can all lead to bad results, and sometimes, something can happen to disrupt the squad harmony which can not be explained, and that means you can’t go out and sack the manager or buy a star player impulsively.  You need to take the time and have a good game plan and by all accounts it seems that PSG have as they are currently leading the French Ligue 1 by 3 points.

Domestic dominance is not the only thing PSG are looking for though, and this is where they may struggle. Lyon ruled the French league for many years, but when it came to the Champions League they always fell short. Lyon had the money to sign some top talent, but it was the overall league status that stopped the “World Class” players signing for them. They want to play in the best leagues in the world, which currently are the Spanish and the English, with the German league reaching those ranks. The Italian league is not what it once was and probably the French league is probably slightly better, but the Italian league has the bigger clubs. AC Milan, Inter Milan and the resurgent old lady, Juventus, are the clubs PSG will have to content with.

PSG are going to have to put up with some of the world elite players passing them up for clubs with a bigger history or compete in better leagues, unless they are going to offer 300k a week like clubs in China or Russia. PSG are doing the right thing, they just have to keep it up and the success and then the players will come.

First you get the Money, then you get the respect and then you get the players.


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