Over the past few months there have been numerous stories about Mario Balotelli, and in all honesty I love them.

This piece has come about after me and a friend was talking about Twitter, and whether or not he should join up. I said he should, but he is choosing to stick with FaceBook, a folly on his part.

He said that the only person he could imagine himself following is Mario Balotelli. When I asked him why only Mario he said “well only balotelli cause that dude is crazy beyond belief u know he dressed up as Santa and drove round Manchester giving people money what a legend” (sic)

My reply “There are so many crazy things that come out about him, that I don’t know whether to believe them or not. But I enjoy believing them.” And that is the problem. I want to believe every cock-and-bull story that circulates the Twittersphere in regards to Mario Balotelli.

So here are the ones in question. I have picked out the ones that are of a more positive nature, rather than all the bad press there is around him, otherwise that would take far too long to write about. I have them in chronological order to make things easier too.

Charity worker 20th April 2011

So Mario Balotelli goes to the 235 casino and wins big, well, just wins some money in his case, big for us normal folk. He sees a homeless guy that apparently he has seen around on more than one occasion and hands him a handful of money, around a thousand pounds. Not bad!

Say no to bullying 10th may 2011

This is the first one I actually remember reading, it was on the Sun website. This was the one where he picked up a school boy that was bunking off school and was waiting outside the training ground with his mum for an autograph. Balotelli asks why he was not at school and he finds out he was being bullied so he drove them to the school, made an appointment with the headteacher to sort things out. They then got the boy in question and the two shook hands, End of!

High-five 24th October 2011

After the 6-1 devastation of Manchester United he apparently drove around the city of Manchester high-fiving people. The image of that always makes me laugh.

“If these Balotelli rumours are true, I love him even more.” – Piers Morgan 18th December 2011

This is my personal favourite. Mario Balotelli dressed at Santa giving out money/presents. Everyone on Twitter seemed to run with this one, even Piers Morgan. With all the bad publicity he was getting, I can imagine him doing this to bring him some good publicity, he seems to have a crazy way of thinking and in his head this could well be a very sane thing to do. Also seems me and Piers Morgan have a similar affection for Mario Balotelli and his crazy acts of goodness.

Bladder pit stop 12th January 2012

This is the most recent story. Mario Balotelli was in such dire need of the toilet that he stops outside of a college and uses their facilities.

So imagine the scene. It’s Thursday afternoon and you’re in the canteen at Xaverian College, Manchester, and Mario Balotelli asks if he can use your toilets. And then afterwards talks to some of the students before going into the teachers’ staff room for a little chin-wag and then walks around campus.

Student Edward Gasson, 18, had this to say “I’m a City fan so it was amazing to see him but it was a bit ridiculous for him to come here – you would never expect it to happen.”

Love it!

These stories may or may not be true, I have not researched much further into them and I don’t intend to. I want to enjoy them for what they are. It is like finding out how a magician does his tricks. All the magic of it is lost. That is also why I am not going to be starting any stories myself, as then if one did make the papers, I would then have to believe they have all been a lie, and honestly, I don’t think I could live with that.


One thought on “Balotelli Stories: A dime a dozen!

  1. Who knows what Balotelli is capable of! I love him, just written a piece myself and having a look what other people are saying – it seems he’s universally popular. What will he do next!?

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