The Piers v Frimpong war of words has started again with Piers relighting the fires on the whole situation by bring up something that seemed to have died down. Piers Morgan is a true antagonist, and has don’t what all real antagonists do and has riled someone up to such an extent that they are starting to look a fool. But what Piers Morgan and other antagonists done seem to understand, is that they make themselves look like a fool too!

A wise man told me don’t argue with fools, Cause people from a distance can’t tell who is who – Can anyone tell me the quote? A little bit of fun there, Artist and Song.

So here is what has gone down between Piers and Frimpong today

Piers Morgan @piersmorgan
Fancy a bet, Mr Loyalty @Frimpong26AFC ? I predict you’ll leave #Arsenal for more money somewhere else, before I stop being a fan.
Emmanuel Frimpong @Frimpong26AFC
@piersmorgan I hope ppl read this and no am rude and u deserve every abuse I give u fatty go and run on the treadmill like I told u.
Piers Morgan @piersmorgan
I couldn’t give a damn what @Frimpong26AFC has to say. Much more interested in @Persie_Official staying than some rent-a-gob fringe player.
Piers Morgan @piersmorgan
I quite fancy becoming manager myself. First two actions: 1) Pay @Persie_Official whatever he wants to stay 2) Sell @Frimpong26AFC to Spurs.
Piers Morgan @piersmorgan
@Frimpong26AFC If only you were half as good on the pitch as you are with the cheap insults to #Arsenal fans, Frimpong. Pipe down, son.
Emmanuel Frimpong @Frimpong26AFC
I hope people read way fat Morgan is saying wen I start being rude don’t tweet me saying Frimpong is disrespectful and rude.KMT
Piers Morgan @piersmorgan
@Frimpong26AFC You were shockingly rude the other night. To a fan that pays your wages. I suggest you learn some humility. And how to spell.
Piers Morgan @piersmorgan
Right, off to the gym. Going to pretend my trainer is @Frimpong26AFC and give him a good hammering with the gloves. #Arsenal
Emmanuel Frimpong @Frimpong26AFC
@piersmorgan Well done y don’t we meet and do it properly instead of pretending

It got to a point where some people had enough and was getting bored of it all. One of those people was Frimpong’s team mate, and friend, Jack Wilshere who tweeted

Jack Wilshere @JackWilshere:
Wonder when @piersmorgan and @Frimpong26AFC are going to kiss and make up?

Which lead to Jack Whitehall to get involved and say that Frimpong should go on Piers Morgans show Life stories. Now that would be good watch but I don’t think Frimpong would be one to cry on the show.

Jack Whitehall @jackwhitehall
@JackWilshere: Wonder when @piersmorgan and @Frimpong26AFC are going to kiss and make up? Shud get frimpong on Piers Morgan lifestories!!

There is a divide on Twitter over this. there is a clear Team Frimpong and Team Piers with people tweeting their support

Frimpong retweeted

Matt @mattk_86
@piersmorgan your telling @Frimpong26AFC to pipe down yet your the one bringing up the issue.how many times u need telling, just support man

Piers Retweeted

Marcus @marcusmckech
@piersmorgan brilliant!! Stick to your guns.. Frimpong as a player should respect his fans not argue with them!! #norespect

And just when you though it was simmering down Piers came along with this Tweet

Piers Morgan @piersmorgan
I’d watch this before you start giving it the large one @Frimpong26AFC: bit.ly/vWdLhX #Morganator

Piers in the ring with Manny Pacquiao, who does a good Scot accent by the way, and Freddie Roach…. Unfortunately piers takes a shot to the face, teaching him a lesson to always have his guard up, but then later clips Roach with an accidental punch. Cheap shot? Maybe he thought, but his hand didn’t get the message in time to stop.

From all of this I can’t help feel that Piers is saying and doing all of this with 50% truth and 50% jest but with 100% passion and intent but is Frimpong in on it, it doesn’t seem like it, maybe Piers should let him know.


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