Though it may not be the best thing to do businesswise but it is the least they could do for the fans with all they have put up with this year. Fans may take offense to some of what Chief executive Ivan Gazidis has stated, most likely the comment of “it does not match with the rising costs that the Club are experiencing” which may lead to the fans questioning what he means when they know it hasn’t been going on big names or big wages for the likes of Robin van Persie. The fans may also not take lightly that Gazidis pointed out that they have held prices for four out of six years as fans may point out that general admission prices have, the prices of food, drink and merchandise has as well as not having bought suitable replacements for players that have left and haven’t won a trophy during that time.

You can watch what he has said in full over at the Arsenal website for free but if you don’t want to watch it here is a round up of what was said.

“We recognise the tough economic environment that our fans are in. Our season-ticket holders are our most loyal fans. We have never priced season tickets according to supply and demand, we have always tried to look at what is fair and balanced.” Before adding “We have this need to drive revenue in order to compete at the highest level but at the same time our relationship with our fans is a long-term one which needs to be managed appropriately and fairly. That is why, in four of the last six years, we have held our season-ticket pricing flat and will be doing that again this year.”

However prices for club level season ticket holders is going to see a rise of 2%. Regarding this Gazidis said “we are increasing prices in our Club Level by 2%, which is a relatively modest, and we think, appropriate increase well below the inflationary rate.” Going on to say  “Again it does not match with the rising costs that the Club are experiencing, both in terms of off-the-field costs, general operating costs, but also in terms of the continuing, escalating spiral that we see in player costs.”

In regards to these rising prices the Chief executive said that part of the broader strategy is to develop our other revenue so that the club become less dependent on ticket sales as a main source of income

But while season ticket holders now know where they stand, unfortunately the average fans has to wait for a decision on the general admission prices with Gazidis saying “We have not made a final decision on general admission yet.” Adding “The objective there has been to make those tickets more affordable for fans. We have been consulting with our fan groups as we develop those proposals and they will be announced towards the end of the season.”

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One thought on “Arsenal hold Season Ticket prices again Arsenal hold Season Ticket prices again

  1. If Arsenal wins the Premier League next season the fans will gladly pay extra. Would be a scandal if they raised the prices even more. Too much money in fotball now for my taste.

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