Carson, Hart Green
Baines, Cahill, Cole, Johnson, Jones, Richards, Smalling, Walker
Barry, Cleverly, Downing, Gerrard, Johnson, Milner, Parker, Walcott, Young
Bent, Campbell, Rooney, Sturridge, Welbeck

I am surprised and a little upset that Oxlade-Chamberlain has not received a call up to the England Senior side, especially when Walcott has. No offense to Walcott, but Oxlade-Chamberlain has been out performing him by some distance. The biggest shock has to be the inclusion of Frazier Campbell, I honestly dont think anyone saw this coming. I am also a little surprised at Cleverly being called up. I understand that Pearce is giving players he has worked with a chance in teh team so with that I am not surprised but I think there are other eligible players in the Premier League that maybe deserved a call up more than him, Leon Britton comes to mind.

At times like these I wonder how players feel when they are not included and are overlooked by managers and “rising talents” are picked ahead of them. Frazier Campbell is not a regular starter for Sunderland, where as Danny Graham at Swansea is the second highest English Premier League goal scorer this season – Rooney being the first. The same could be said for Grant Holt who is joint third highest behind Rooney and Graham while being level with Darren Bent on 9.

With Joleon Lescott not included but Richards and two other right-backs I would guess that maybe Richards is going to play in the centre of defence with Walker at right-back. Pearce knows what to expect from Walker as he was one of the best performing players for England at the U21 European Championships that England did so poorly at. I dont understand why Lescott should be left out as he is arguably in better form that Gary Cahill at the moment.

There has been no questions raised about Welbeck being included and definitely no problems with Sturridge as both have been in good form this season, with Sturridge in tremendous form at present. I hope that Sturridge gets a substancial amount of playing time and not a cameo role because in my opinion he deserves to be starting the game ahead of Bent or Welbeck and partner Rooney upfront, but maybe Pearce will go with a United front-line!

With Gerrard in the squad I presume that he is going to be captain, but there might be an outside shot for Parker or even Richards, he has captained City this season…

Pearce’s Press conference 

Pearce held himself well during the Press conference and dealt with all the questions thrown at him well. Issues of the England captaincy and England manager position arose and we all dealt with a calm and decisive manner. He started the Press conference by taking the time to acknowledge Fabio Capello saying “I would like to thank Capello and his staff for the education I received from them over the last 3-4 years, it’s been invaluable to me.”

The first question asked was about the inclusion of Frazier Campbell to which Pearce said “I know him quiet well” and that he has worked with him before adding that “he’s and exciting young talent” after saying that he spoke Martin O’Neill about him. Pearce was also asked about calling up Cleverly to the squad after his inclusion in the Previous sqaud that faced Holland which he said that like with Campbell he has worked with him with the U21’s and has “been to a major Championship with him, been on the road with him to tournament football” and knows what to expect from him. “he’s got a bright future”

Micah Richards being recalled to to the squad was then raised and he was asked if he was someone he particularly rated to which Pearce replied “Yeah, he makes me laugh” but then seriously said that he has given him his debut at club level and at one time people were talking about Richards being an England regular and said that “he’s had a smashing season”. Pearce was also asked about recalling Rob Green and whether he thinks he still has a role to play with England. Pearce said “100% i think his form this season has been oustanding this season.” He went on to say that he has been watching as many players as he can and talks to the players and managers and goes to as many games as he can and siad again that  Green had been “outstanding this season”.

The question of the England captaincy arose and when he was asked if he had thought about who was going to be captain Pearce said it “Yes I’ve been thinking about it” but also said he thought the “exposure over it” was “a little too excessive” . Pearce went on to say that he will look at how the players interact with each other and will choose a captain nearer the time.

Pearce was asked how the players that were not included took the news with Pearce saying that he believed that “they were quite thankful that they had a telephone call from me” and also said that he visited one player in person, but didn’t say who.. He said how he has been on the end of calls from various managers ranging from Venables and Hoddle about his inclusion and exclusion from squads and understands how it feels for both sides.



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