David Moyes has again worked his magic and have Everton in not juts in the top half but pushing for 7th place above bitter rivals Liverpool. Fellaini has come out and said that he wants Everton to spend in the summer for the club to progress, but who should they buy? Well here is my view

I don’t feel that they have an issue in goal as they have Tim Howard and Marcus Hahnemann but they could strength their defence a little. At right-back and at centre-back so let’s start there. Currently they have Hibbert at right-back and Phil Neville but neither of those two are getting any younger and with Moyes secure with Baines at left-back it is clear that the right-back that is a position that needs strengthening. So here is a shortlist of players that I believe would be a good addition to Moyes squad: Rod Fanni, Kyle Naughton, Stephen Kelly and Angel Rangel.

Rod Fanni: The French right-back may have only recently signed for Marseille from Rennes but with Marseille not doing so well in the league maybe he could be tempted away. At 30 he has the experience and would be the strongest candidate out of the rest, but at 30 maybe he is a little too close to his twilight.

Kyle Naughton: Naughton started his career at Sheffield United but Tottenham saw his potential and along with Kyle Walker but with Walker now Spurs’ first choice right-back and Naughton still finding his career on loan maybe it is the right time for him to move on and under Moyes he would have a great manager. Norwich are doing well in the Premiership and with Naughton now their first choice right-back Everton, if they went in for the player, would most likely have a fight on their hands for the player.

Stephen Kelly: the Irish international is enjoying his third season with Fulham and with his contract running out in the summer could be a nice free transfer. Kelly would act as good cover for Hibbert and Neville while also breeding more competition. With how Everton act in the transfer market, if they could get Kelly on a free then I think he is the most likely transfer, whether I think that is the best one, you will soon find out.

Angel Rangel: The Spanish right-back has played just as well as any player this season for Swansea so it is no surprise that he would be linked to other clubs and so I don’t see why Everton wouldn’t want to be interested in him. He can defend and play the ball well and it wouldn’t be the first Spaniard that Everton have had at Goodison Park. Valued at around £2m Everton would probably have to offer double that for Swansea to want to think about selling the player and when you could get better for around the same value, I don’t think Everton would pursue it too hard, unless of course they could manage to get him for around £2m that is.

Everton have a good midfield but with Cahill not getting any younger they may have to start thinking about a replacement. Rodwell could be seen as the player for the near future, but with injuries to content with maybe they still need to bolster the centre of the park a little bit more. The way Everton play, which is normally with one up top and then a midfielder/attacker just behind, Cahill fits that role nicely, but is there another player out there that can fit that role. The candidates: Joey Barton, Gylfi Sigurðsson, Somen Tchoyi and Kevin Nolan.

Joey Barton: If QPR are relegated will Joey Barton stay with them like he stayed with Newcastle or will he want back in the Premiership sooner than that. Now I know what you are thinking, Barton – Everton – Never, now that is a good point, but just because a player supports a club doesn’t mean they cant player for their rivals, and the end of the day football is a job, and if Everton are willing to pay him what he wants the he could well go. Its not like he is not used to getting stick from the fans now is it. Barton would give the fight and determination that Cahill gives and where he might not score as many goals as Cahill but he does create more.

Gylfi Sigurðsson: Sigurðsson has been a revelation in the Premiership since his loan move to Swansea and as a result is being linked to numerous clubs. It will be interesting to see how much he goes for in the summer but at the moment he is valued at around £5.5m but at 22 if Everton could get him for around £6m and he continues to play like he has been then it could well be a great investment. I could see Sigurðsson playing just behind Jelavic and with Fellaini in midfield as cover he wouldn’t have to worry about defending as much, which would suit him.

Somen Tchoyi: The Cameroonian midfielder is strong, robust and can score goals, now if that does not suit Everton then I don’t know what does. Is he a carbon copy of Cahill, no his isn’t, but is he a player that can play in that role and deliver some stand out performances, yes!  West Brom are not in a relegation battle, but nor are they fighting for a top half finish. If Everton came in for Tchoyi I am sure he would take the opportunity to help progress Everton further and back into Europe but it is whether Everton want to go for the player that could cost £4-£5m.

Kevin Nolan: Now there is a like-for-like player if Everton wanted to replace or add cover to Cahill. Nolan is strong, good in the air and can score from outside the box. If West Ham miss the chance of getting back into the Premiership then he could well be looking for a move away from Upton Park. If Nolan was up for sale or had said he wanted to leave, I think it would be foolish for Everton to not try and sign him. Now if he did sign for Everton I am sure that would cause some controversy as he grew up a Liverpool fan and was also sent of when he played for Newcastle for an over the top tackle which saw Anichebe out for 11 months and even suing Newcastle for loss of earnings.

Leon Osman and Steven Pienaar have been in great form recently while also having Coleman in the mix, but with Pienaar only back on loan they will be needing a replacement come next season. There are a few players that could feel these roles and here they are Stephen Sessègnon, Victor Moses, Clint Dempsey, James Morrison and Steven Pienaar

Stéphane Sessègnon: Sessègnon has been receiving many plaudits this season and rightly so. He has helped propel Sunderland forward with his six goals and nine assists he would be the type of player that Everton need. Sessègnon himself may be looking to move on from the Stadium of Light but with the likes of PSG apparently lurking Everton may miss out on the Benin international.

Victor Moses: Moses is finally reaching the form that Wigan had paid for a few seasons ago. There was a time that it looked like Wigan had wasted some big money on a player with a lot of potential. Wigan are playing some beautifully exciting football at the moment and have been unlucky to be on the end of some losses but as United and Arsenal found out that wasn’t going to hold them back. Moses may feel that it is better for him to stay at Wigan if they can build on what they have at the moment, but that will all depend on whether Martinez stays or not. If he does leave so may many of the Wigan players and if Moses is one of them then he may be on the way to the blue half of Merseyside.

Clint Dempsey: The American has had an outstanding season, so much so that he is even being linked with some top four clubs. I don’t know if it is just me, but I can see Dempsey in the blue and white of Everton, I always have, and with fellow American Donovan seemingly having nothing but great things to say about Everton he may be able to persuade Dempsey to swap West London for the Merseyside club, but I guess the same could be said the other way wrong. Dempsey could play on the wing, behind the striker or even upfront on his own if needs be and he has shown that this season if nothing else.

James Morrison was having a great season with West Brom until it was cut short due to injury, but he is the type of player Everton could use out wide. He can score goals, but he is much more a creator than a goal scorer but his best attribute his is drubbing and attacking prowess. He is the type of player that is going to run at the fullbacks and cause a disruption and if you put that along with the way Everton play and the chances that would create you can see why he would be a possible signing.

Finally…Steven Pienaar: Pienaar should never have left, something that I think he now fully understands, but depending on the money Tottenham are asking, he could well be on his way back to Goodison permanently when his loan love comes to an end. At Tottenham he never resembled the player he was at Everton, whether it was the style of play, not playing regularly or out of position but the South African really has come back to life since his loan moved back to Goodison Park and really looks to be enjoying himself again. The fans and the manager and the player clearly want this move, it is now down to the Chairmen of both clubs involved, but with Levy being his ever shroud self, he may be wanting more than they paid for him in the first place

What has been Everton’s problem over the last few years? Everyone knows this, it has been scoring gaols. It is almost comical, no wait, it is comical that when they sell both Louis Saha and Yakubu that they both start scoring goals. Look at Yakubu, he is signed for a club that was in a relegation battle and started banging in goals, so much so that he is now in the leading scoring charts. Everton do have a goal scorer at present in Jelavic, but if he gets injured or like all strikers hits a drought, they don’t really have a proven goal getter. So who could they bring in? Nicklas Bendtner, Kevin Doyle, Bobby Zamora and Lacina Traoré.

Nicklas Bendtner: In recent weeks it looks as if the young Dane is finally coming to life and is scoring goals. Maybe this is because his loan move to Sunderland is coming to an end and he will be returning to Arsenal, who he has said he will never pay for again – much to the cries of the fans, that was sarcasm just in case you couldn’t read into it – and is trying to impress either Sunderland or another club to come in and bid for him. He has a lot of potential to be a good player, but it just seems that he lacks the mentality and he may not have the work rate that is demanded by David Moyes and his team.

Kevin Doyle: Now if we are talking about work rate then let’s talk Kevin Doyle. He will run around and work hard for the team. At Wolves he may not have scored as many goals as he has at other clubs, but that has to be down to the team he is plating in as well as to his own form. Apart from Jarvis there are not a lot of creative players at Wolves, which would be one of the reasons that they currently are in the situation they are in. Doyle could get goals in an Everton team, but when he moves clubs it always seems to be more an overpriced amount, in my opinion, and that is something that would make Everton think again.

Bobby Zamora: Like with Joey Barton if QPR do not avoid the drop will Zamora stay to fight another day at Loftus Road or will he look to move on. Now in his career he has never played for a club outside of London. Now is this because he just can’t bring himself to leave the capital or is it because no one outside of London wants him? Well if Everton put a bid in for him it would be interesting to see what he does. Bobby Z has all the attributes a striker would need to survive and thrive at Everton so it would all depend on how much QPR would sell him for and if Zamora is looking to move away from London.

Lacina Traore: Traore is in a similar vein to Demba Ba and Papiss Cissé, now hold on there is more, you don’t have to stop ready there. At 21 the Ivorian currently plays in the Russian League for Kuban Krasnodar, I know I hadn’t really heard of the either, but just so you know they are managed by Romanian Dan Petrescu, yeah remember him! Anyway, Traore currently is third in the goal scoring charts with 15 goals. He joined Kuban at the beginning of the season costing around £6m so if Everton were looking to buy him he could cost anywhere between £8-£12m. With bags of talent, goal scoring ability and years ahead of him he could well be a good investment

How they would line up


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