Congratulations to both Robin van Perise and Kyle Walker on winning their awards, although the top two teams in the land are from Manchester it seems the best player and young player are plying their trade in London. I have to admit that I didn’t see Kyle Walker wining the PFA Young Player of the Year award over Sergio Agüero but I did think that RvP was going to win the PFA Player of the Year, so I am glad to be 50% correct.

Personally I would like the awards to be changed while also adding one or two knew ones to make things more interesting for the future. Firstly I would change player of the year to player of the season and have the awards held when the season is finished. that would enable people to vote for the player that has truly played well over the whole season rather than having a good start to a season and then tail off, like has happened in previous years – last year is a good case of that. I would also like to see the age limit for Young Player of the Year to be lowered from 23 to 21 as I feel that nowadays in modern football there are many footballers by the age of 23 are seasoned professionals and even internationally recognised by their country, there are even 21 year olds that are for that matter. The fact that Gareth Bale and Sergio Agüero can be nominated for the PFA Young Player of the Year award, I feel, proves my point; I also don’t agree that a player can be nominated in both categories.

The awards I would like to see introduced is breakthrough season and even possibly an award for either or both English Player of the Year and Foreign Player of the Year. Anyway, that is my little rant over and back to congratulating the winners.

Robin van Persie has had a great season, and it is no surprise that it has come in an injury free season, the first he has had since joining Arsenal in 2004. Many have been waiting for this season to come as his talent has always been there but with injuries being a consistent problem, many occurring, frustratingly for Arsène, when on International duty and that is the main reason that it has taken so long for RvP to finally get the plaudits that have been waiting for him for so long.

On winning the prestigious award van Perise said “It is very special because you are playing against them week in, week out and every single player does everything to win, and in the end, if they make up their minds that I’m the best player, it is a big honour.”

This season the Dutchman has scored 27 goals in 35 games and has contributed 10 assists for his team which has helped them into 3rd after a rocky start to the season. Much is rumoured about where he will be playing football come next season. There is the persistent rumour of Megabucks City going in for him, and if they do and succeed he will be the 5th Arsenal player to play for Manchester City in the last few years. Real Madrid are also said to be interested in the striker and if he was to leave, I think that the Spanish club is a more likely destination for him that Manchester City, but also like nearly all Arsenal players Barcelona may also be interested in him, and I wouldn’t be surprised if bids were being accepted for him if Bayern Munich didn’t try and get involved as well.

I went onto YouTube to find a video that would show what he has done this season, and I came across one that fits perfectly with not just what season he has had but also fits how the fans feels about the possibility of him leaving… enjoy.

Well done to Kyle Walker on winning the PFA Young Player of the Year award, I would have had my money on Sergio Agüero winning it, and by the photo I have used above, it also looks like Walker is a little bemused that he has won it also.

Walker has had a great season, and in fairness I am glad he has won it and not Agüero. Not because I don’t think Agüero hasn’t done enough to win it because he has, but rather because I didn’t feel that he should have been nominated for both awards.

Walker admitted to suprise at winning the award saying “I was a bit surprised because defenders don’t normally get these awards and get the limelight as much as the centre-forwards,” adding If you look at the people I was in with, then it is a great honour to get the award and hopefully there is more to come.”

When I watched the U21 European Championship last year Kyle walker was one of the stand-out performers for me and I had even written that I had hoped that Harry Redknapp would give him a shot at Tottenham and not send him out on loan again, and so was glad when he did. Walker has made himself Tottenham’s first choice right-back and has put himself in contention for a call-up for England for the up-coming European Championships.

Here is a video from YouTube that highlights some of Kyle Walker’s talents, enjoy


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