I do love statements like these  – “He showed that he’s a world-class player. At the moment I wouldn’t swap Luis for anyone in the world.”

That statement came from Liverpool captain Steven Gerrard when talking to the press for the FA Cup final against Chelsea. I have to admit that whenever a player says that I laugh as it is bull! Unless you play for Real Madrid or Barcelona and you are not Cristiano Ronaldo or Lionel Messi. If Gerrard could swap Suarez for either of those he would, and he knows he would. Let’s face it Suarez would happily be swapped for van Persie or Sergio Agüero.

I know it is sentiment and who knows maybe Stevie wouldn’t swap Suarez for Messi, but he would be checked in to a psych ward straight away!


4 thoughts on ““I wouldn’t swap Luis for anyone in the world.”

    • I am just voicing my opinion. As I mentioned I always have found it funny when people make those comments.

      But what is your concern over my commenting on a comment Gerald made?

      All that aside thank you for commenting and i appreciate it your view

  1. Clearly you’ve annoyed this guy, God knows why but for me that’s just Gerrards way of trying to gun up his striker for the big game. Suarez is a brilliant striker in my opinion only he let’s himself down in the way he cries, dives and tries to influence tricking the ref in pretty much every game he plays. If he put as much effort into trying to score or create a goal as he did otherwise, he would’ve scored at least another five goals this season.

    I agree with you, Gerrard would easily snap up Messi or Ronaldo over Suarez. He would be stupid not to but as I say, I reckon that was his way of firing up his teammate for his confidence.

    • I agree, it is the way a captain is going to rally his teammates, but I cant help but laugh when I heard a player say that. I mean come on, we all know it isnt true. If a league 2 player h just says that i laugh just the same

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