It seems for various reports that Borussia Dortmund’s Shinji Kagawa has agreed a move to Manchester United but those may be premature! This isn’t the first time a move to United has be talked about, The Guardian reported back on April 30th that Manchester were interested in the player.

I have scoured through the Internet to try and find more on this story rather than just cut and paste the same thing everywhere and by doing some research on German websites and Japanese websites I have found more on the story.

Over on the German website bild.de it seems that his advisor has said that no deal had yet officially been done while On various Japanese websites there was slightly more information regarding the contract that Kagawa was supposedly  offered by United. It has been reported that he will double his current contract with Dortmund if he does sign for United in a three year deal worth €6 million, which roughly translates to £4.86 million a year so that would work out to be just over 90k a week.

So if the deal does go through what can Manchester United fans expect from their new Japanese import?

Well this season has seen Kagawa score 13 goals, making him Dortmund’s second highest goal scorer in the Bundesliga behind Robert Lewandowski who has scored 22, and has 9 assists joint third highest in the Bundesliga. But there is more to a season than goals and assists so lets take a deeper look into Kagawa’s season for Dortmund. He has made 31 appearnces starting 29 of them and in that time has had 1532 touches of the ball, creating 143 chances, made 1085 passes with a 83.3% accuracy but let’s have a look at him in action. I found this video on YouTube from SahinNuri8 Check out his page for more videos. I chose this video for two reason. 1. it is a great video and 2. I really like the song also, reminds me of a trip to Newcastle I had, anyway here is the video

There was a time when a Premiership Club bought a player from either Japan or China and it was done for money rather than for the football, but that just is not the case anymore. Undoubtedly shirt sales in Japan are going to spike, but that is not the only reason United will have bough Kagawa, if the transfer does do through that is, but it is highly likely that in the tabloids and radio stations like Talk Sport will bang on how it was a business deal rather than a football one. I hope I am wrong and that doesn’t happen as he is an exciting player that has helped Dortmund win back to back Championships and will be looking to add the DFB-Pokal German Cup to that on the 12th of May.

If the deal does go through it looks like United have a great player on their hands, the creative spark they have missed this season maybe!As always, Time will tell.


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