Ten years ago and four days saw Arsenal beat Chelsea 2-0 to win the FA Cup and it is not just remembered for two great goals, one of them being scored by the aforementioned Ray Parlour but also for Tim Lovejoy’s commentary and those infamous words of “Oh it’s alright, it’s only Ray Parlour.”

With only a few seconds gone in the 69th minute Ray Parlour was played in and started to make his way towards goal. When Parlour received the ball Lovejoy said “Oh no he’s put him through” with a real trepidation in his voice but then when he saw who the ball had been passed to he seemed almost relieved and a certainty seemed to have some over Lovejoy that there was nothing to worry about so much so that he said “Oh it’s alright, it’s only Ray Parlour” words that would haunt him to this day as only seconds later with 11 seconds and 69 minutes gone in the game that was still a tightly contested 0-0 Ray Parlour unleashed a curling shot into the top corner leaving Carlo Cudicini helpless for all but a slight touch on the ball and Parlour had scored leaving Lovejoy with his head in his hands agonisingly laughing and uttering “Oh noo”  while Bradley Walsh in exultation.

That game will always be remembered for Parlours goal and so it should but let us not forget that Freddie Ljungberg also scored a great goal in that game also, okay so there may not be any great Lovejoy commentary to go with it. Ljungberg ran through the defence after the space was made and the Chelsea defence seemed to think that he was going to lay the ball off but he kept the ball and then when he beat his defender but in a delicious curling shot that really was as picturesque a goal you can score in the final as there ever was. Although Ljungberg goal was better Ray Parlour’s will always be remembered for two good reasons, he didn’t score many and definitely didn’t score many like that!


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